Delridge Neighborhood Development Association, Unity Village in White Center Project serving low income families since 2012.
Project serving low-income families since 2012 at Delridge Neighborhood Development Association, Unity Village in White Center.

The Housing Trust Fund program makes funds available for affordable housing projects through a competitive application process. Applications are generally accepted once a year, but timing and frequency can vary depending on the size and nature of appropriations to the program by the Legislature. Visit this page regularly for funding availability and application updates.

The Housing Trust Fund team has now released a Notice of Funding Availability (“NOFA”) for new affordable housing projects. Applications will be considered for:
1. Multifamily Rental projects seeking capital financing from the Washington State Housing Trust Fund and from the Federal HOME and National Housing Trust Fund programs.
2. Multifamily Rental and Homeownership projects seeking to provide housing for people displaced by Governor-declared natural disasters. (This is the only fund source available for Homeownership projects at this time.)

For more details, please download the Stage 2 NOFA.
All application materials are available for download from the folders linked below.

Multifamily Rental

Single Family Homeownership (NOTE: Eligible only for Disaster Displacement funds)

• All interested applicants can submit Stage 2 applications, regardless of whether they submitted a Stage 1 application in January of 2017.
• Some applicants are required to also apply to the Washington State Quality Award Program (WSQA). Read Chapter 2, Section 206.6, of the HTF Handbook to see if this applies to you. There is also a Commerce-specific question and answer document available.

The Washington State Department of Commerce (Commerce) solicitation for applications from the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Preservation Program closed June 30, 2018. 

For answers to questions related to the Housing Preservation Program NOFA or Application, please refer to the FAQ below.  

FAQ – Housing Preservation Program NOFA & Application 6/1/18 (PDF)

7/13/18 NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: If you submitted an application for the Housing Preservation Program and received an auto-generated reply message from our mail system indicating your message was accepted (see example below) there is unfortunately the possibility that we did not receive your application submission.  This message was not created by our program and we are working on determining why and how this message went out. At this time we do not know how many applicants this may have impacted.

Example of auto-generated reply message that you may have received at submission of your application:

  Example of auto-generated reply message some applicants received at submission of a preservation application.
Below is a list of applicant organizations and the number of applications received from that organization. If you submitted an application by the June 30th deadline, and are not on this list, you must contact Tanya Mercier, by July 27, 2018 for your application to be considered for review. Tanya can be reached at 360-725-2936 or 


Applicant Organization

# of Applications Received

Columbia NonProfit Housing


Community Homes, Inc.


Community Housing Assistance Program, Inc.


Downtown Action to Save Housing


Downtown Emergency Service Center


HA Chelan County & City of Wenatchee


HA City of Longview


HA City of Vancouver


HA Island County


Homes First


Imagine Housing Communities


InterIm Community Development Association


King County HA


Low Income Housing Institute


Mercy Housing Northwest


Network Services


Next Step Housing


Parkview Services


Spokane HA


Spokane Housing Ventures


Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners


St Stephen Housing Association


Tacoma Rescue Mission


YWCA Bellingham


UPDATE: Announcing the 2017 Awards

The 2017 HTF funding round has reached its long-delayed conclusion. HTF is awarding $53,007,001 to Multifamily projects and $4,444,000 to Homeownership projects, or approximately 58 percent of the total amount requested by our applicants. This constitutes approximately 84 percent of HTF’s 2017-19 Multifamily allocation, and 100 percent of its Homeownership allocation. Click here to view the full list of awarded projects.

Please note: awards to Multifamily projects whose budgets include Low Income Housing Tax Credits (“LIHTCs”) are contingent on securing 2018 or 2019 LIHTCs.

2018 Funding Cycle News

Currently, HTF is drawing up plans to publish a Notice of Funding Availability (“NOFA”) in Summer of 2018 to award the approximately $10 million remaining in its 2017-19 multifamily allocation.

In addition, HTF anticipates receiving approximately $8 million from the federal HOME and National Housing Trust Fund programs, and plans to add these funds to the 2018 NOFA.  Furthermore, the Legislature also appropriated $5 million for housing projects that would benefit households displaced by Governor-declared disasters. HTF plans to include these funds in the 2018 NOFA, as well.

Requirements are currently being discussed for the 2018 Round, but HTF remains committed that the submittal of Stage 1 applications will not be among them. Additional information will be published here and distributed via our email list as it becomes available.

Multifamily Rental
Table of Contents & Affidavits
CFA Forms – REPOSTED 2/9/2018 (Excel)
CFA Sections (Word)
HTF Addendum (Word)

Single Family Homeownership
Table of Contents & Affidavits
CFA-H Forms – CORRECTIONS POSTED 9/14/17 (Excel)
CFA-H Sections  (Word)
HTF Homeownership Addendum

NOTES: All interested applicants could apply in Stage 2 regardless of whether they applied in Stage 1.

Some applicants are required to also apply to the Washington State Quality Award Program (WSQA). Read Chapter 2, Section 206.6, of the HTF Handbook to see if this applies to you. There is also a Commerce-specific question and answer document.

Applicants seeking funding for a homeownership project or program must undergo an Organizational Capacity Assessment. Please read Chapter 7, Section 702.1.1 of the HTF Handbook for more details about the Assessment

On January 11, 2017, the Department of Commerce released a solicitation for Stage 1 Housing Trust Fund applications for the 2017 and 2018 funding cycles. Applications were due on February 13, 2017. The Housing Trust Fund Program received 135 applications for a total request of $235 million. Please find the list of received applications available for download below.

Stage 1 applications include limited information and are used to identify a pool of projects that appear viable, ready, and eligible for funding in the 2017 and 2018 funding cycles. Stage 1 applications are not scored, nor will funding decisions be made based on these applications. The first funding awards will be subject to review and approval of a completed Stage 2 application.

2017-2018 Solicitation for Stage 1 Applications (PDF) (no longer active – Stage 1 applications were due on February 13, 2017)
2017-2018 Stage 1 Applications Received REVISED 3/30/17 (PDF)
2017-2018 Stage 1 Application (Excel) (no longer active – Stage 1 applications were due on February 13, 2017)

Between May 12 and June 6, 2017, the Housing Trust Fund team conducted five application workshops in Olympia, Everett, Spokane, Seattle, and Yakima. The purpose was to provide our applicants with information about the funding application and evaluation criteria for new affordable housing projects that benefit low- and extremely low-income individuals and families, as well as provide an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback to our team. In addition, the workshops included a presentation of the new amendment/workout application for those seeking changes to an existing contract, as well as a preview for the potential portfolio preservation program (pending final Capital Budget appropriation). See the original workshops announcement here: 2017 Housing Trust Fund Application Workshops (PDF).

The workshops were well attended with a total of 140 participants, many indicating that they found them to be very helpful for their upcoming application preparations.

The final presentation slides are included below. The Housing Trust Fund team highly encourages all applicants to review these slides and direct any questions or requests for clarifications to our team prior to submitting an application.

Stage 2 HTF Application Workshop Slides (PDF)
Amendment and Portfolio Preservation Slides (PDF)

Applications are solicited for affordable housing projects seeking funding for the development of a Health Home project in Pierce County. Interested applicants should be aware that no application can be reviewed for funding until Pierce County has adopted a sales and use tax, authorized under RCW 82.14.460, the proceeds of which are directed to support chemical dependency or mental health treatment services. To Commerce’s knowledge at the time of this NOFA’s publication, Pierce COunty has not adopted the tax. Please download the NOFA below and carefully read all the requirements before completing your Health Homes application.

2017 Health Home Project NOFA (open continuous) (PDF)
Health Homes Application (Excel)
Health Homes NOFA – Q&A (PDF)

If your project is located in a CDBG non-entitlement jurisdiction and needs funding for off-site* infrastructure work or related community facilities, please visit the CDBG Specialty Grants page for information regarding the CDBG program, the required partnership with the local government, and other requirements. 
*The Housing Trust Fund cannot pay for off-site infrastructure costs.

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