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The Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA)serves as a voice within government for the needs of crime victims in Washington. Crime victim programs work with governments, community-based organizations and individuals to reduce the impact of crime, substance abuse, and violence. Our programs use advocacy, prevention, education, treatment and law enforcement to stop violence, substance abuse, and their social impacts so that Washington’s communities are the best places to work and live.

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Are you a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or other crime? Do you know someone who is a victim of a crime?

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Introducing Jorey Stine, Program Manager for OCVA’s Violence Against Women (VAWA) Program

Jorey Stine (she/her) recently joined OCVA’s Violence Against Women (VAWA) program. Jorey is the Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy (DVLA) program manager. In this role, Jorey will focus on ensuring grantees are fulfilling the needs of survivors in their communities in trauma-informed methods that use best practices, including robust community responses to gender-based violence. Jorey was drawn to OCVA because she wants to continue being engaged in crime victim advocacy and

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Comprehensive Sexual Health Education and Sexual Violence Prevention

Senate Bill 5395, passed by the legislature and Washington voters in 2020, requires all public schools to provide comprehensive sexual health education by the 2022-23 school year. Instruction must be age-appropriate, medically and scientifically accurate, and inclusive of all students, using language and strategies that recognize all members of protected classes. Implementation requirements vary by grade. See OSPI’s website for additional information about the law’s requirements.  The curricula must include

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Filing a discrimination complaint against federal grant programs

Who can file a discrimination complaint

  • Any client, customer, program participant, or employee of an organization that receives funding passed through the Washington State Department of Commerce by the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) and other federal grant programs has the right to file a discrimination complaint.
  • Any individual who feels that they have been discriminated against may file an external complaint.

How to file a complaint (PDF) 

What happens after I file a discrimination complaint

How do I contact the Human Resources Managing Director

Theresa Burkheimer


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