Housing Preservation Program

The Housing Preservation Program makes funds available for major building improvements, preservation, and system replacements necessary for existing Housing Trust Fund (HTF) multi-family rental projects. The purpose of the program is to maintain long-term viability of the existing HTF portfolio.


For current funding opportunities, please visit the Applying to the Housing Trust Fund webpage. 

April 1, 2024

Commerce makes awards to preserve and repair 873 units of affordable housing

$19.8 million awards will help make essential repairs in 14 counties across the state

Through the Multifamily Housing Unit (MHU), Commerce administers capital programs to finance the production and preservation of affordable housing in Washington.

The MHU released a 2023 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) soliciting applications from current Housing Trust Fund (HTF) projects in need of major repairs or system replacements. Seventy-two applications were received, totaling more than $56 million.

The applications were evaluated based on their eligibility, and the urgency of physical repairs. Those projects with urgent needs that could lead to health and safety issues for tenants and that could not self-finance were prioritized. The Housing Preservation Program (HPP) is funding thirty-one applications totaling $19.8 million which will preserve 873 affordable housing units.

View the awards on the Department of Commerce Box. (PDF)

These projects provide critical housing to some of Washington’s most vulnerable populations. Preservation of existing affordable housing ensures that affordable housing across the state is able to serve communities for generations.


You can always find the latest information about Housing Trust Fund awards and funding availability at the Applying to the Housing Trust Fund webpage.