Office of Apple Health & Homes and Permanent Supportive Housing

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness stated that Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is an intervention for people who need housing assistance and supportive housing services to live with stability and independence in their communities. Many supportive housing programs use a Housing First Approach and encourage the principles of the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Evidence-based Practice toolkit. (USICH, 2014)

The Washington Legislature created the Office of Apple Health & Homes with the passage of HB 1866 (Chapter 216, Laws of 2022), re-focusing the state’s efforts towards increasing the capacity, quality and sustainability of affordable housing units dedicated as PSH. PSH is defined in RCW 36.70a.030 (19)

Within the AHAH-PSH Office, the new AHAH initiative is administered alongside other PSH-focused programs, which are underway or in development.  The Office brings a suite of several programs together to align capacity building, supportive services, rent assistance, and operations/maintenance funding, in order to improve and sustain the quality of PSH units throughout Washington.  Below are the programs and initiatives within the AHAH-PSH Office.

Programs and Assistance

Apple Health & Homes Initiative (AHAH)

AHAH is a multi-agency initiative that pairs healthcare services with housing resources for some of the state’s most vulnerable residents. It provides capital and operating funding for the acquisition or development of housing units, supportive services, rental subsidies and other PSH assistance. 
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Apple Health & Homes Capital Program

AHAH works closely with Commerce’s Multifamily Housing Unit to allocate and administer capital funding for the rapid construction or acquisition of housing dedicated to AHAH eligible tenants.
AHAH Capital funding rounds can be accessed here

Permanent Supportive Housing Operations, Maintenance, and Services (OMS-PSH)

The Operating, Maintenance, and Services Program (OMS-PSH) provides project-based affordable housing units with fund for their operations, maintenance and supportive services needs.
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Community Behavioral Health Rental Assistance (CBRA)

This program provides tenant and project-based rental subsidies for persons with behavioral health conditions.
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HUD Section 811 Rental Assistance

This federal-funded program provides rental assistance for project-based units dedicated to house persons with disabling conditions between 18 and 61 in age.
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Recovery Residence Startup & Operating Funding

The program provides seed and operating grants to new startup recovery residences.
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Permanent Supportive Housing Advisory Committee

The 2022 Legislature created a new committee to advise the Department of Commerce on bringing high quality PSH to scale as efficiently as possible.
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