Washington State Energy Office

High voltage lines and power pylons in a green agricultural land

People in our state spend over $20 billion per year on energy. Most of this money leaves the state to pay for oil and natural gas. Our state energy priorities get the most out of our state’s exceptional mix of innovation, free enterprise and green stewardship. 

The Washington State Energy Office reviews energy issues, works on the benefits of energy and state energy goals. We provide energy policy support, analysis and information to the state and provide energy grants to Washington state entities. 

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Energy Grants and Loan Programs

Solar Power

The Clean Energy Fund provides grants for clean energy projects.
The Energy Retrofits for Public Buildings Program (formerly Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants) helps local agencies, public higher education, school districts and state agencies.
Forest Products Financial Assistance Program supports forestry and agroforestry product industries.
Home Rehabilitation Loan Program helps rural homeowners struggling to repair their homes.
Solar plus Storage for Resilient Communities funds solar and battery back-up power for community buildings
MAP of energy grants.


Weatherization helps to reduce energy costs for low-income families by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Weatherizing a home has a positive impact in communities and additionally helps economic growth and reduces environmental impacts. Read more about Weatherization

State Efficiency and Environmental Performance Office (SEEP)

Solar panels installed on Capitol building

The State Efficiency and Environmental Performance (SEEP) Office coordinates efforts to reduce State agency energy costs by improving energy efficiency and to reduce harmful pollution caused by greenhouse gas emissions and toxic materials. Read more about SEEP

Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA)

Box Canyon Dam on a Pend Oreille River

The Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) (SB 5116) became law in May 2019. It commits Washington to an electricity supply free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. This will let the state replace fossil fuels in end uses and achieve long-term climate goals. Read more about the Clean Energy Transformation Act.