What is weatherization?

Weatherization is adding insulation, sealing cracks, and making other changes that reduce heat loss, save you money on heating bills and make your home or apartment healthier. The federal government and Washington State offer weatherization programs, which Commerce runs, for qualified low-income households.

Can I get my home weatherized?

Commerce doesn’t weatherize houses directly. We contract with local agencies in your city or county that weatherize qualified low-income homes and apartments.

Find your location on the map below and click on the closest blue locator to get information on your local weatherization provider. 

To see if you qualify for weatherization assistance, call a local agency near you on the Weatherization Agency List.

How are these programs funded?

Commerce receives funding from Washington State and several federal government programs to help pay for low-income weatherization work.

Weatherization Assistance Program– U.S. Department of Energy
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) (U.S. Health and Human Services )
Matchmaker Program

In Washington state, utility companies that sell gas and electric heat also provide matching funds for qualified low-income households. There funds match the Washington state dollars through the Matchmaker Program.

Weatherization Data

All local agencies providing services in the Washington State Weatherization Program report their results through the Weatherization Information Data System (WIDS). (WIDS is security-protected and can only be used by local agencies and Commerce staff.)
Need help with WIDS? Call the WIDS Hotline at (360)259-4749.

NEW - Home Rehabilitation Loan Program

Good news for rural homeowners struggling to repair their homes! The Department of Commerce has launched a state-funded Low-Income Home Rehabilitation  Loan Program!  

For all the details go to our new Home Rehabilitation Loan Program page. 

Success Stories from Our Agencies

Success Stories

For low-income households

Additional Information

Need help?

Tim Bernthal
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360-259-6330 (cell)

Help with WIDS
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WIDS Hotline
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Weatherization News

Commerce Hosts National Training Conference

It’s not every day that Commerce gets to co-sponsor a national training conference, but we did this past week from Sept. 17 – 21. Bellevue, Washington was the site of the NASCSP (National Association for State Community Services Programs) annual training conference.

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Weatherization Agency Staff Leads on New Technology

We are lucky to have a talented workforce of experienced building professionals running and managing our 24 local weatherization program around Washington state. One of these professionals is Charlie Rogers, property rehabilitation specialist with Homewise, at the City of Seattle Office of Housing. Charlie was recently profiled on the cover of “Accelerate America” magazine for his work on carbon dioxide heat pump water heaters, a new energy saving technology he’s

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