Weatherization Programs

What is weatherization?

Weatherization is adding insulation, sealing cracks, and making other changes that reduce heat loss, save you money on heating bills and make your home or apartment healthier. The federal government and Washington State offer weatherization programs, which Commerce runs, for qualified low-income households.

For more general information on what the Weatherization Program provides, please see the Client Education Guide (PDF).

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Can I get my home weatherized?

Commerce doesn’t weatherize houses directly. We contract with local agencies in your city or county that weatherize qualified low-income homes and apartments.

Find your location on the map below and click on the closest blue locator to get information on your local weatherization provider. 

To see if you qualify for weatherization assistance, call a local agency near you on the Weatherization Agency List.

How are these programs funded?

Commerce receives funding from Washington State and the following federal government programs to help pay for low-income weatherization work:

Weatherization Assistance Program– U.S. Department of Energy
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) (U.S. Health and Human Services)

Commerce can yearly request a waiver to transfer up to 25 percent of available LIHEAP Energy Assistance Program funds to the Weatherization Assistance Program. Approval of this waiver request in 2019 could increase available weatherization funding by $5,789,570 and increase the transfer of unspent LIHEAP Energy Assistance Program funds from 15 percent to 25 percent.

We have HHS approval for up to the full 25 percent transfer this year again. This brings all potential LIHEAP dollars to Washington State, providing an opportunity for agencies to enhance their programs and existing funding. The local LIHEAP Energy Assistance programs decide on the exact amount of the approved transfer for their area based on their funding needs.

Matchmaker Program
In Washington state, utility companies that sell gas and electric heat also provide matching funds for qualified low-income households. There funds match the Washington state dollars through the Matchmaker Program.

Weatherization Data

All local agencies providing services in the Washington State Weatherization Program report their results through the Weatherization Information Data System (WIDS). (WIDS is security-protected and can only be used by local agencies and Commerce staff.)
Need help with WIDS? Call the WIDS Hotline at (360)259-4749.

Home Rehabilitation Loan Program

Good news for rural homeowners struggling to repair their homes! The Department of Commerce has launched a state-funded Low-Income Home Rehabilitation  Loan Program!  

For all the details go to our Home Rehabilitation Loan Program page. 

Success Stories from Our Agencies

Weatherization Success Stories

Information for low-income households

Additional Program Information Links

Need help?

Send an email to: Paul Currington
(360) 701-1463

Help with WIDS
(agencies only)
WIDS Hotline, (360) 259-4749

Managing Director

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Weatherization News

Weatherization Workforce Roadmap for Washington State

Washington State University has released the Weatherization Workforce Roadmap for Washington state. The report describes the key workforce challenges facing Washington’s low-income weatherization program agency employers and subcontractors. The roadmap also offers potential solutions and actions that can enhance the availability, preparation and ongoing development of a skilled weatherization workforce in Washington state. Recent research shows that demand for energy efficiency-related employment, including weatherization, has greatly exceeded the availability of

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Trade Magazine Profiles Weatherization Plus Health Partnership

It’s always nice to get recognition for our work, especially when it shares our ideas with a broader audience. The Energy Division Low-Income Weatherization Program’s Weatherization Plus Health efforts got a nice dose of coverage this month in a cover article in the March 2019 Healthy Indoors Magazine. The article profiled the innovative partnership between our Pierce County Human Services local weatherization program and the Clean Air for Kids Asthma

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Weatherization Plus Health Gains National Exposure to Model and Partnerships

It’s been a busy start to 2019 for Commerce’s Weatherization Plus Health program. We’ve participated in several regional and national forums and shared the structure and results of our Plus Health work providing lasting home and client health improvements. Dec. 17, Vince Schueler, our WSU Energy Program Evaluation partner, shared results of our evaluation with a Working Group of Vermont, Connecticut, and New York weatherization programs working on development of

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