Utility Resource Plans

Electric utility planning

The electric utility resource plans law, 19.280 RCW, requires all state electric utilities to develop and update resource plans (RP) or integrated resource plans (IRP). They must make them available to the public every two years. Utilities must provide Commerce with a summary of estimated future resource needs ten years forward. We report aggregated load and resource estimates to the legislature each reporting year.

Integrated Resource Plans

Utilities with more than 25,000 customers, that are not 100% Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) customers, must complete:
Energy Integrated Resource Plan Cover Sheet 2022 (.xlsx).
Energy Integrated Resource Plan Cover Sheet Instructions 2022 (.docx)

An integrated resource plan is produced by utilities for meeting peak energy needs while holding some resource margin in reserve. These plans consist of forecasts of future load, identification of probable resource options to meet loads and details of power costs and resource management.

These full requirements utilities negotiate contracts with BPA. These include plans to meet peak power needs and reserve margin. BPA allocates and manages the specific fuel sources that will be distributed. Full requirements utility resource plans require less detail. These utilities may also provide associated narrative and documentation relating to leadership approval of the plan.

Resource Plans

Other utilities may complete an integrated resource plan or resource plan:

Most utilities that are fully or nearly fully served by BPA must complete resource plans which consist of a summary (cover sheet) of their estimated loads and resources over the ten-year planning period.

The reporting deadline is Sept. 2, 2022.