Solar Deployment Grant Program - Clean Energy Fund

This program is for deployment of solar projects in Washington state. New program guidelines are currently under development.

Orcas Solar 2018

$1,382,140 in state funding is currently subject to pending awards for two projects deploying solar technologies across the state. New program guidelines are currently under development to align with revisions made under the 2019 capital budget SHB1102  to the requirements of the Solar Deployment Program. The program is expected to focus on low-income community solar deployment, and up to $2,328,000 in federal funding and at least $139,860 in state funding are expected to be available.

Commerce values constructive feedback and held a public input period concerning a draft set of program guidelines. The public input period for the upcoming solicitation is now closed. Commerce will provide further updates on the program when they are ready for public announcement, with applications currently expected to open on Oct. 1, 2020.

Commerce is currently expecting to include the following elements as part of the program:

  • Eligible projects to include community solar projects of at least 100 kW of direct current generating capacity that are interconnected with the electricity grid and utilize technologies with demonstrated viability.
  • Eligible applicants to include non-profits, retail electric utilities, Federally Recognized Tribal Governments, and housing authorities
  • Qualifying subscribers to include low-income households and low-income service providers.
  • Priority given to projects that maximize direct and indirect benefits to qualifying subscribers.
  • Priority given to distribution side projects that reduce peak electricity demand.
  • Priority given to projects with a lower cost per watt and a higher degree of match funding.
  • Commerce will attempt to prioritize an equitable geographic distribution and a diversity of project sizes.

More specifics, including definitions and additional minimum applicant and project qualifications, will be included in the final Request for Applications.