Electrification of Transportation Systems Program - Clean Energy Fund (CEF)

This grant fund is for the continued transformation of the electric transportation market in Washington State. The Electrification of Transportation Systems Program (ETS) provides grants to Washington local governments, Tribal Governments, and retail electric utilities for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The Electrification of Transportation Systems Grant is now open for application

The Electrification of Transportation Systems (ETS) Grant supports eligible applicants in their respective electrification goals and address barriers to infrastructure deployment.

The ETS grant program is designed to promote the continued transformation of the electric transportation market in Washington state. This program provides grants to Washington local governments, Tribal Governments, and retail electric utilities for infrastructure to charge electric vehicles. An emphasis for this program is placed on addressing the needs of highly impacted communities and vulnerable populations, particularly those disproportionately impacted by climate change and pollution from transportation systems.

Commerce is now accepting applications for this competitive grant with up to $10.67 million available. Eligible applicants may partner with any organization type.

Eligible applicants are local governments, Tribal Governments and electric utilities. Projects have to serve at least one of the following:

  • Public Transportation
  • Local or Tribal Government Fleet Vehicles
  • Workplace Charging
  • Multi-Unit Dwelling (MUD) Resident Charging (Note: EVSE that exclusively or primarily serves residential buildings that are not Multi-Unit dwellings will not be considered)
  • Public Charging
  • Port – Marine or Aircraft

Grant Program Materials

Please Note: The Application deadline for the active ETS solicitation has passed for Local Government and Retail Electric Utility applicants. The mandatory Letter of Intent deadline for Federally Recognized Tribal Governments has also passed. Federally Recognized Tribal Governments have until the deadline listed in Section 2.2 of the Request for Applications to develop and submit their applications. Only applicants that have submitted a Letter of Intent by the applicable deadline are eligible to submit applications for the award.

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Pre-Application Conference 2 Details

A new pre-application conference was held on April 16, 2020, providing an updated summary of the ongoing solicitation and providing an opportunity for applicant Q&A.

Pre-Application Conference Details

A previous pre-application conference for interested stakeholders and Tribal partners was held on February 20, 2020. This conference was not mandatory.

Please note: some information contained in the below recording may no longer be accurate due to changes in the eligibility of Federally Recognized Tribal Governments. Applicants should refer back to the Request for Applications linked above for the most up-to-date program information.

Additional Information

Program Advisory Committee

Name                       Organization

  • Austin Brown          UC Davis Policy Institute
  • Brad Cebulko          WA Utilities and Transp. Commission
  • Brett Rude               WA State Dept. of Ecology
  • Jane Wall                WA State Association of Counties
  • Jim Jensen             WSU Energy Program
  • Joshua Berger        WA Dept. of Commerce
  • Karen Dunn             WA Dept. of Commerce
  • Logan Bahr              Association of Washington Cities
  • Mike Shahan           WA Office of Supt of Public Instr.
  • Nicolas Garcia        WA Public Utility Districts Assn.
  • Tonia Buell              WA State Dept. of Transportation

Need Help?

Contact: Forrest Watkins

For more information about the ETS program and other Clean Energy Fund grants, please contact Forrest Watkins or send an email to CEF@commerce.wa.gov 

If you are interested in hosting a meeting about alternative fuel transportation or other related Commerce programs, please contact Michael Breish at Michael.breish@commerce.wa.gov.

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