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The Rural Clean Energy Innovation Grant Program supports a wide range of projects that enhance clean energy including, but not limited to; dairy digesters, renewable energy, energy efficiency and resilience. This program is a part of Washington’s Clean Energy Fund.

Rural Clean Energy Innovation Funding

Save the Date: In spring 2023, Commerce will accept applications for Rural Clean Energy Innovation grants. Grants will support rural communities in advancing a sustainable future. Approximately $4.75 million in funding will be available for Washington-based entities pursuing rural clean energy projects.

Program Background

As part of Washington State’s Clean Energy Fund, this program will support clean energy research, development and implementation in Washington’s rural communities.

Of the $4.75 million allocated towards this fund, 40% is allocated to dairy digester bioenergy projects that produce renewable natural gas, biofertilizers, reduce emissions, and improve soil, air and water quality. 20% is allocated to tribal governments, designated subdivisions and agencies. The remaining grant funds are available for any projects supporting rural clean energy such as those advancing energy efficiency, resilience, sequestration, as well as research and development.

This program also allocates $150,000 towards developing a strategic plan for Washington’s rural clean energy investment. The program creates a Rural Clean Energy Working Group that will meet to identify programs, investments and policy changes that will inform the plan’s goal of advancing rural clean energy access and availability. The working group must submit the strategic plan to the appropriate bodies, including the Governor and Office of Financial Management, by June 30, 2022.

Solicitation Resources

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Additional information about the Clean Energy Fund and the Rural Clean Energy Fund can be found here.


  1. Rural Clean Energy Working Group Scoping: June – Aug. 2021
  2. Rural Clean Energy Working Group Meetings: Sept. – Dec. 2021
  3. Dairy Digester Enhancement Grant Program Application Open: early spring 2022
  4. Final Strategic Plan and Legislative Report for Rural Clean Energy Investment Due: June 30, 2022
  5. Rural Clean Energy Grant Applications Open: spring 2023

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