Weatherization Programs

What is weatherization?

Weatherization is adding insulation, sealing cracks, and making other changes that reduce heat loss, save you money on heating bills and make your home or apartment healthier. The federal government and Washington State offer weatherization programs, which Commerce runs, for qualified low-income households.

Weatherization Benefits

Saving $270 a year due to weatherization


This month we celebrate 40 years of housing improvements through weatherization. Between 2016 and 2017 over 2,200 low-income homes and apartments throughout Washington were insulated, had air-leaking cracks sealed, pipes and ducts wrapped, ventilation improved and safety repairs completed. These measures combined saved our clients an average 20% on their energy bills. The health benefits of weatherization can be equally important. Click here for the whole story.

What has the program done over the years and where it is headed? Watch the video below for the story.

Can I get my home weatherized?

Commerce doesn’t weatherize houses directly. We contract with local agencies in your city or county that weatherize qualified low-income homes and apartments.

To see if you qualify for weatherization assistance, call a local agency near you on the Weatherization Agency List.

How are these programs funded?

Commerce receives funding from Washington State and several federal government programs to help pay for low-income weatherization work.

- State of Washington

          • Utility companies that sell gas and electric heat also contribute matching funds for qualified low-income households. There funds match the Washington state dollars through the Matchmaker Program.

Weatherization Data

All local agencies providing services in the Washington State Weatherization Program report their results through the Weatherization Information Data System (WIDS). (WIDS is security-protected and is only accessible by local agencies and Commerce staff.)

Success Stories

CAC – Lewis, Mason, Thurston Counties Success Story

picture of worker blowing insulation into a home, funded by weatherization assistance program

“With the work done by your department, my house will be able to utilize the heat I can afford more efficiently. I no longer will look forward with dread to the long months of very cold weather here in Tahuya. Again, my heartfelt thanks

– Client from Tahuya, Washington (rural Mason County)
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Washington Gorge Action Program Success Story

“I would wake up to 50 degrees in the morning and would get the place up to 63”. Now I set my new thermostat and when I wake up, it’s already comfortable and stays that way. My bills are less than in the past and I feel safer not having those heaters plugged in”.
– Dallesport resident
Client of Washington Gorge Action Program
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City of Seattle HomeWise Success Story

“The program really enabled us to make our home last, really, for the rest of our lives,” said Orville. “If we get 30 more years out if it, we’ll be happy.”

– Orville and Perry, Seattle
Seattle HomeWise Program client

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Chelan-Douglas Success Story

We would like to thank you for everything that was done in our house; the temperature is constant, we do not have to waste a lot of water before it gets hot! No more electric heater in the bathroom. With the new windows, the living room is a lot more comfortable! All of this is an amazing gift!!

– A Chelan – Douglas Community Action Council Client

Opportunity Council Success Story

“It was wonderful to see all of the things coming together to make my home so much nicer and to know it has made it to last even longer. There is surely a change in our power bill and electric usage. The heat in here stays at a more even temperature than it used to. The heater doesn’t have to work overtime clicking on and off constantly just to keep it warm in here.”

– A Bellingham Client

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