Planning and Predesign Capital Equity Program

The Planning and Predesign Capital Equity Program (PPCEP) funds planning and predesign activities for capital projects.

Image that shows "planning" and "predesign" come before "apply to capital funding," "construction," and "operating."

Commerce has many programs that fund the construction of capital projects and capital projects require planning and predesign activities prior to any award being made. Planning and predesign activities are often a barrier for smaller community-based organizations and tribes. The Planning and Predesign Capital Equity Program (PPCEP) provides grants and technical assistance to smaller organizations and tribes who serve underserved communities.

Three Program Parts

  1. PPCEP Community Partners. Community Partners serve as consultants to Commerce’s PPCEP overall, help draft the Request for Proposal for the Technical Assistance Consultants and Request for Applications for the Community Based Organizations. Community Partners will also facilitate conversations with People with Lived Experiences in underserved communities to identify facilities needed.
  2. Planning and Predesign Technical Assistance Consultants (TAC). TACs will provide a wide array of technical assistance directly to Community Based Organizations in the planning and predesign phases of capital projects. Perspective consultants are encouraged to exhibit cultural humility when working with Community Based Organizations that serve underserved communities. $1 million of PPCEP has been made available through the Affordable Housing Preconstruction Technical Assistance Services RFP.
  3.  Planning and Predesign Grants for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). CBOs have a vision of a capital project and will be pursuing at least one Commerce capital funding opportunity by June 30, 2025.
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