Behavioral Health Facilities Grant Program

The Department of Commerce, in collaboration with the Department of Social and Health Services, the Health Care Authority, and the Department of Health will issue grants through a competitive process to community hospitals and other community entities to expand and to establish new capacity for behavioral health services around the state.

This is a reimbursement-style grant for capital construction projects only. Grant funds may be used for purchasing, construction and equipment costs associated with establishing these facilities. Operating costs are ineligible. Program funds come from the sale of state bonds (no federal funds).

Program Eligibility

The Behavioral Health Facilities grant program is open to nonprofits, public entities,  tribes, and for-profit businesses. You must be registered in the State of Washington and licensed to provide behavioral health services under specific RCWs or WACs.

$49,600,000 Available for Grants
The Commerce 2017-2019 Behavioral Health Facilities program has competitive grants available in these categories:
• Enhanced service facilities (ESF)
• Secure detoxification
• Acute detoxification
• Crisis diversion or stabilization
• Community hospitals
• Free-standing evaluation and treatment
• Psychiatric residential treatment

Please Note: These grant funds may not be used for property acquisition (purchasing land and/or a building). Also, make certain you are reading the May 2018 guidelines, not the April 2018 (earlier version) guidelines.

Application Information

This is a good time to review the program guidelines, as well as the program’s enabling legislation, Section 1007, for a detailed description of the individual categories and grant amounts available for each one. Grants will be awarded through a process conducted by Commerce, the Department of Social and Health Services, the Health Care Authority and the Department of Health. All projects must maintain the beds or facility for the intended use for at least 10 years.

The online ZoomGrants application for the Behavioral Health Facilities competitive grant program is now open. You may preview the application here. Be sure to become familiar with all the tabs you will be working on before beginning your application.

In order to begin a ZoomGrants application, you must first create a ZoomGrants account. Creating a ZoomGrants account is easy! You can create your ZoomGrants account here. The application auto-saves your entries whenever you change fields, so you can come back anytime to resume work, refine responses, edit copy and upload or replace previously uploaded documents, until the application deadline and closure promptly at 5:00 p.m. June 11, 2018.

Important Tip: It is highly advisable not to wait until the last minute to submit your application – that is when most mistakes are made. The application will not let you submit until all the necessary fields are completed and required documents have been uploaded.

These tutorial links will help you become acquainted with the ZoomGrants process:
ZoomGrants Applicant Slideshow
ZoomGrants Applicant Video

ZoomGrants Technical Assistance: 866-323-5404, Extension 2

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