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Behavioral Health Facilities Grant Program

The Department of Commerce manages awards through direct appropriation and competitive processes to community hospitals and other community entities around the state to expand and to establish new capacity for behavioral health services. Commerce’s partners in the program include the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), the Health Care Authority (HCA), the Department of Health (DOH), and one representative each from a Managed Care Organization (MCO), an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), an Accountable Communities of Health (ACH), a Behavioral Health Administration Service Organization (BH-ASO), and the Association of County Humans Services (ACHS).

The Behavioral Health Facilities Grant program is open to nonprofits, public entities, tribes and for-profit businesses. You must be a registered business in the State of Washington and be able to meet all applicable licensing and certification requirements under specific RCWs or WACs pertaining to the behavioral health services you are offering.

This is a reimbursement-style grant for capital construction projects only. Program funds come from the sale of state bonds (no federal funds). Grant funds may be used for design, engineering, construction and equipment costs associated with establishing these facilities. New flexibility for the 2019-21 biennium grants includes the ability to fund the acquisition of a building or land if the project results in increased capacity.

2019-21 Behavioral Health Capacity Grant Program

If you have received a direct appropriation in the 2019-2021 biennium, please review the BHF Program Direct Appropriation Guidelines.

The 2019-2021 BHF program online application is now open!

Below are the links to the different facility/service type ZoomGrants applications that will be available for funding in the Fall 2019 round. If you do not find your facility/service type below, note that additional funding rounds will be available at a later date.

Enhanced Service Facility (ESF) and Specialized Dementia Care (SDC) Facility

Secure Withdrawal Management and Stabilization (SWMS) Facility and Community Providers to Increase Behavioral Health Services and Capacity for Children and Minor Youth

Please familiarize yourself with the BHF Program Competitive Guidelines that provide great information to assist you in filling out your application. The best way to stay informed of program developments is to sign up for email updates on this page, and periodically check the website.

Important Tip: In order to understand the breadth of the 2019-21 program’s legislative mandate, we highly recommend that you take time to review the program’s enabling legislation, which will be critical when planning an application. You may do that by clicking here, or the link on this page titled “Related Law for 2019-21 Awards.” Then search for Section 1041.

Related Law for 2019-21 Awards

Link to 2019-21 Program Legislation:
SHB 1102, Section 1041

Need help?

Department of Commerce
Tanya Mercier
Program Manager – Behavioral Health
Phone: 360-704-0139

Amanda Sieler
Program Manager – Behavioral Health
Phone: 360-725-3006

Pat Gibbon
Program Manager
Phone: 360-725-3023

Health Care Authority
Melodie Pazolt
Section Manager
Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery
Phone: 360-725-0487

Department of Health
Julie Tomaro
Division of Health Systems Quality Assurance
Facilities Program Manager
Phone: 360-236-2937

Department of Social and Health Services
Sandy Spiegelberg
Aging and Long-Term Support Administration
Residential Support Program Manager / Home and Community Services
Phone: 360-725-2576

Melena Thompson
Behavioral Health Administration
Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs
Phone: 360-725-7543

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