Building Communities Fund

Capital Facilities Grants for Community-Based, NonResidential Community and Social Service Projects

The Building Communities Fund Program awards state grants to nonprofit, community-based organizations to defray up to 25 percent or more of eligible capital costs to acquire, construct, or rehabilitate nonresidential community and social service centers. There is no minimum or maximum grant award amount.

Funding availability information

The 2023-25 Building Communities Fund Program application round is now closed. The next funding opportunity will be in the spring of 2024. Additional information will be posted later this year. To learn more about the program requirements, please click on the following links:

Project Qualifications

This is a reimbursement-style grant for capital construction projects only. Operating costs are ineligible. It is funded through the sale of state bonds (no federal funds). Awardees are selected through a competitive grant application process conducted every two years by the Department of Commerce. Applicant projects must be located in a “distressed community” or serve a substantial number of low-income or disadvantaged persons.

Click on the links at right to see if your project is eligible to apply; you must only meet one of the criteria to be considered eligible.

The program was created by the Legislature in 2008 (RCW 43.63A.125) to provide a means of identifying qualified community and social service capital projects and providing capital support to nonprofit agencies and their partners to develop or improve these facilities. These investments will play a key role in improving the economic, social, and educational climate in distressed communities and other areas that serve low-income persons.