Commerce Reports and Publications

Legislative Reports

Affordable Housing Cost Data (PDF)
Affordable Housing Update (PDF)
Child Care Collaborative Task Force (PDF)
Criminal Penalty Fees Related to Sexual Exploitation Crimes (PDF)
El Nuevo Camino Report (PDF)
Encouraging Investments in Affordable and Supportive Housing — Update on Implementation (PDF)
Financial Feasibility Review of Yakima Convention Center Expansion (PDF)
Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Investigation and Prosecution Program (PDF)
Foreclosure Fairness Program (PDF) 
Homeless Housing Crisis Response System Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (PDF)
Homelessness in Washington State (PDF)
Human Trafficking Laws and Investigations (PDF)
Impact Fee Deferral Report (PDF)
Improving Stability for Youth Exiting Systems of Care (PDF)
Independent Contractor Study (PDF)
Is a Community-Based Public-Private Partnership Right for Your Community? A Guide for Municipal Stormwater Managers in Washington State (PDF)
Quixote Village Five-Year Report (PDF)
Regulatory Streamlining – Regulatory Roadmap (PDF)
Regulatory Streamlining — Regulatory Roadmap (PDF)
Rights of Youth and Young Adults in Residential Programs (PDF)
School District Inventory Data Assessment (PDF)
Sexual Assault Response (PDF)
Skilled Worker Outreach, Recruitment and Career Awareness Grant Program (PDF)
State Surplus Property Program (PDF)
The Interbay Project (PDF)
The Snohomish Diversion Pilot (PDF)
Washington Industrial Waste Coordination (Industrial Symbiosis) Program Recommendations (PDF)
Washington’s Green Economy Interim Report (PDF)
Washington Lead-Based Paint Program Report (PDF)