Requirements and procedures for providing notice to the state​

Cities and counties must notify the Department of Commerce, at least 60 days in advance, of their intent to adopt comprehensive plan and development regulation amendments. Cities and counties must also provide notice of adoption within ten days of final adoption for these changes.

60-Day Notice of Intent to Adopt an Amendment-Instructions and FAQ document


Washington State Department of Commerce is pleased to offer our new PlanView system. This system allows counties and cities to submit and track amendment notices submitted to state agencies for your comprehensive plan or development regulation amendments online, with or without a user account.

To setup your Commerce PlanView Account:

Register for a SAW account and add the PlanView Service.

Submit a PlanView System Access Request Form.

Upon approval, you will receive a welcome email. User manuals are in the Helpful Links to the right.

Types of notices that may be submitted through PlanView

  • 60-day notice of intent to adopt amendments
  • Requests for Expedited Review/Notice of intent to Adopt Amendments (Only Available for Development Regulations)
  • Supplemental Submittal for Existing Notice of Intent to Adopt Amendments
  • Notice of Final Adoption


If you don’t have a PlanView system account, you may submit your Amendments and request an account to be able to track your submittal.

Sign In

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You can also submit via email. Fill out the cover sheet and attach it, along with a copy of your submittal to:

State agency participation in local planning

Building Washington’s future requires effective coordination between state and local government. The citizens of Washington expect state and local government to work together in achieving the results of good government. This is why state and local governments are committed to an effective, on-going dialog on land use and development issues of mutual concern.

State agencies, in cooperation with the Washington State Association of Counties and the Association of Washington Cities, developed a set of principles defining how to achieve a collaborative relationship between state and local government. The Principles Governing State Agency Correspondence establishes the expectations of this collaboration.

Example Letter by State Agency Directors

Principles of State Agency Correspondence for Growth Management Act