Growth Management related documents and resources

Buildable Lands Report – Effectiveness Technical Report, 2007 (PDF)
Buildable Lands Summary Report – 2007 Evaluation Summary of Findings, 2007 (PDF)

Building Cities in the Rain – Guidance for Watershed Prioritization for Stormwater Retrofits, 2016 (PDF)

Building Cities in the Rain Project Development Page– Information and materials regarding the development of Building Cities in the Rain guidance (Website)
Capital Facilities Planning Guidebook, 2014 (PDF)
Climate Change – Addressing Climate Change through Comprehensive Planning under the GMA, 2008 (PDF)
Climate Change – Greenhouse Gas Analysis Tools, 2009 (PDF)
GMA and Related Laws Update Booklet, 2015 (PDF)
Housing Guidebook, 2014 (PDF)
Military Base Compatibility Report – Phase I Report on Practices and Approaches to Promote Compatible Civilian-Military Land Use Surrounding Military Bases and Training Ranges (RCW 36.70A.530), 2016 (PDF)

Newsletter– Planner’s Update Newsletter sharing information related to planning in Washington State (PDF)
Regional Transfer of Development Rights Report, 2013 (PDF)

Short Course on Local Planning Resource Guide, Version 5.3 2017 (PDF)
Transportation Guidebook, 2012 (PDF)
Urban Growth Area Guidebook, 2012 (PDF)