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Commerce serves as the administrator of the Clean Buildings Performance Standard (Standard). We are also here for technical assistance. There can be many personnel contributing to compliance with the standard. Understanding these different roles can help you determine what support you may need to comply.

Supporting Roles for Compliance

Any individual can be responsible for more than one of these roles and they can be from within or outside the owner’s organization. The qualified energy auditor and the qualified person are the only defined roles requiring a specific license or certification.

Building personnel consist of building manager, building operator, energy manager, qualified person and qualified energy auditors. A qualified person and qualified energy auditors must meet the minimum credential requirements written in the Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS). A building owner can play any role defined in the standard and holds ultimate responsibility to ensure their building complies with the CBPS.

Learn more using the Buildings Roles and Responsibilities (PDF).

Sign up for or view directories of qualified persons and qualified energy auditors

Commerce is calling on all qualified persons and qualified energy auditors to participate in our voluntary directories. The purpose of each directory is to connect building owners looking to comply with the Standard with individuals who meet the specific credentials required.

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There are two specific requirements assigned to the state’s gas and electric utilities.

  • RCW 19.27a.170, Benchmarking
    This section requires utilities to provide energy consumption data to building owners upon request. Large utilities (greater than 25,000 customers) are required to provide this data using Energy Star Portfolio Managers automated upload protocol. Smaller utilities are to provide the data to building owners in an excel document, meeting Energy Star Portfolio Manager specifications.
  • RCW 19.27A.220 State energy performance standard -Early adoption incentive program
    Commerce is to develop an early adopter incentive program to support building owners making efficiency improvements. This program is administered by Commerce. Large utilities are required to participate by making incentive payments to building owners. The incentive payments, plus administrative fees, are then deducted from the utilities public utility tax. Smaller utilities’ participation in the incentive program is optional.

Various organizations, including electric and gas utility companies throughout Washington state have literature, incentives and programs designed to support commercial customers to comply with or exceed the Standard.

Below are links to utility programs and their offerings:

If there are any training or certification programs that need to be added to this resources section, please contact us at

Resources for Building Compliance

The training workshops linked below were sponsored by Avista, Clark PUD, Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish County PUD and Tacoma Power.

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Compliance Deadlines

Tier 1 buildings reporting schedule:

June 1, 2026
More than 220,000 sq. ft.
June 1, 2027
More than 90,000 sq. ft. but less than 220,001 sq. ft
June 1, 2028
More than 50,000 sq. ft. but less than 90,001 sq. ft

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