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The Clean Buildings Portal is a database of all covered buildings. It provides Tier 1 building owners with a secure system to manage their building’s compliance with the Clean Buildings Performance Standard and submit applications to the Early Adopter Incentive Program. Visit the Tier 1 Covered Buildings Dashboard to view the number of Tier 1 covered buildings, owners, and parcels subject to the Clean Buildings Performance Standard.

Please note: Tier 2 covered buildings are scheduled to be identified in the Portal by 2025. Features for Tier 2 are not yet available.

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The Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS) applies differently, depending on the size of the covered building. There are Tier 1 and Tier 2 covered buildings.

  • Tier 1 covered building (formerly known as covered commercial building): a building where the sum of nonresidential, hotel, motel and dormitory floor areas exceeds 50,000 gross square feet, excluding the parking garage area.
  • Tier 2 covered building: a building where the sum of multifamily residential, nonresidential, hotel, motel, and dormitory floor areas exceeds 20,000 gross square feet, but does not exceed 50,000 gross square feet, excluding the parking garage area. Tier 2 covered buildings also include multifamily residential buildings where floor areas are equal to or exceed 50,000 gross square feet, excluding the parking garage area.

Portal features

Key features available in the Portal include:

  • View and verify your building information
  • Data verification
    • Confirm or change ownership of your buildings
    • Update your building’s Address and GFA
  • Manage roles and authorized users to work on your building profile
  • Submit applications
    • Early Compliance application
    • Early Adopter Incentive Program application
    • Exemption application – only available prior to specific compliance date
      • Tier 1 (each cohort) – three years prior
  • Submit compliance forms
  • Check on the status of applications
  • Make changes to your account information

Portal access

Tier 1 Building Owner Notification Letters were mailed in 2021.

Each notification letter includes instructions on how to create a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account, and the Commerce-provided unique authorization code needed to access the Portal. For the first-time Portal access, each building owner will need this one-time use only unique code to sign in to the Portal. Use the video and guides on this page (below), to assist you in signing up.

Note: If you own a Tier 1 covered building and did not receive a notification letter with a code to access the Portal, please complete this form.

Tier 2 Building Owner Notifications are scheduled for July 1, 2025.

If an authorized representative requires Portal access, please complete the Shared Access Request Form and submit documentation confirming you’re an authorized representative. Commerce will grant shared access to authorized representatives.

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Clean buildings portal sign in

Sign in Via Secure Access Washington (SAW) to gain access to your building profile. Guest access is no longer available.

Data Verification

Data Verification is the process we use to correct information about identified buildings.

You can manage your information and make changes through the portal. Update key building information or authorize another individual to manage your building(s) on your behalf. To learn more about how to use the portal please see our Clean Buildings Portal User Guide.

For misidentified buildings including structures that are not actual buildings (e.g., docks and piers), incorrect owner information, or covered buildings missing from the portal please complete the Clean Buildings Customer Support Form. When filling out the form, include a list of the Building ID(s) (if already assigned in the portal), building(s) parcel IDs, the square footage and any additional documentation or information.

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Need help?

Submit questions and request support online using the CBPS Customer Support Form (on Smartsheet).

Clean Buildings Portal User Guide


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