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The Clean Buildings Performance Standard is mandatory for Tier 1 buildings located in the state of Washington. A Tier 1 building (formerly known as covered commercial building) is a building where the sum of nonresidential, hotel, motel and dormitory floor areas exceeds 50,000 sq. ft, excluding the parking garage area.

The Clean Buildings Portal is a database of all Tier 1 buildings and provides Tier 1 building owners a secure system to manage their building’s compliance with the Clean Buildings Performance Standard and submit applications to the Early Adopter Incentive Program. Visit the Tier 1 Covered Buildings Dashboard to view the number of Tier 1 buildings, owners, and parcels subject to the Clean Buildings Performance Standard.

Tier 2 buildings, between 20,000 and 50,000 square feet and all multifamily buildings over 20,000 square feet, will be identified in the Portal by 2025.

Building Owner Notifications Letters have been mailed.
Each notification letter includes instructions on how to create a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account and a unique code needed to access the Portal. You will need the unique code to sign in to the Portal. Use the video and guides on this page, to assist you in signing up.

Data Verification

Data Verification is the process we use to correct information about misidentified buildings. Misidentified buildings include structures that are not actual buildings (e.g. docks and piers); buildings that are less than 50,000 sq. ft; or if you are not the owner of the building.

For data verification, complete the Clean Buildings Customer Support Form. When filling out the form, include a list of the building(s) parcel IDs, the square footage and any additional documentation or information.

Clean Buildings Portal

Key features available in the Portal include:

  • View and verify your parcel/building information
  • Data verification
  • Manage roles and authorized users to work on your parcel/building profile
  • Submit applications
  • Submit compliance forms
  • Track compliance requirements
  • Check on the status of applications
  • Make changes to your account information

Watch a tour of the Clean Buildings Portal on YouTube).

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Clean Buildings Portal Sign In

Sign in Via Secure Access Washington (SAW) to gain access to your building profile.

Guest access is no longer available. To gain access to your Clean Buildings profile, start by registering for a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account and add the Portal Service. You can then launch the portal service from your SAW account.