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RCW 19.27A.220, State energy performance standard: Early Adopter Incentive program begins July 1, 2021 and applies to non-residential, hotel, motel and dormitory buildings greater than 50,000 SF.

Check out this video explaining the benefits of the Early Adopter Incentive Program.

Qualifications for applying to this program

  • The building must be a covered commercial or multifamily building over 50,000 square feet of gross floor area.
  • The building must be served by at least one electric utility, gas company, or thermal energy company providing or delivering energy services.
    • This is a state incentive and can be administered in addition to utility conservation incentives.
    • Utilities who do not pay public utility taxes are not eligible to participate in the Early Adopter Incentive program.
  • The building must be 15 EUI (Energy Use Intensity) or more above the target
  • The building must be brought into full compliance with the Clean Buildings Standard, and meet their EUIt (Energy Use Intensity Target)

An eligible building owner that demonstrates early compliance with the Clean Buildings Standard may receive a one-time base incentive payment of $.85 per gross square foot of floor area, excluding parking, unconditioned, or semi-conditioned spaces.

Incentive funds are limited to $75 million.

Find frequently asked questions about the Incentive Program here. (link)

Program Guidebook

The Early Adopter Incentive Guidebook serves to provide guidelines for the process of applying to the Early Adopter Incentive Program. The Incentive Program is the path to early compliance to the Clean Buildings Standard. The full glossary of terms, forms and templates are located in the Clean Buildings Standard. The guidebook does not cover elements of the Clean Buildings Standard that are otherwise covered by law or rule.

Mandatory compliance is detailed in RCW 19.27A.210, which establishes the Clean Buildings Standard, and ASHRAE Standard 100-2018 (link) with Washington State amendments (WAC 194-50).

  • * Click image above to download the guidebook
Utility Role

This incentive program is managed by Commerce in coordination with Utilities and the Dept. of Revenue.

Utilities with over 25,000 customers are required to participate. For utilities with less than 25,000 customers, participation is voluntary. Utilities that issue the incentive payment to building owners receive a tax credit from the Department of Revenue. The tax credit is used against Public Utility Tax liability.

Utilities that do not pay public utility taxes are not eligible to participate in the Early Adopter Incentive Program.

  • Please take time to fill out the Clean Buildings Utility Contact Form. Commerce will use the information gathered through this form for benchmarking and incentive programs across utility providers. Commerce requests that utilities participating in the incentive program complete this form.

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State Energy Performance Standards

19.27A.200 – Definitions
19.27A.210  – State energy performance standard 
19.27A.220 – Early adoption incentive program 
19.27A.230 – Limit on early adoption incentive payments 
19.27A.240 – Early adoption incentive payment administration  

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