Clean Buildings Performance Standard Document Library

The Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS) is administered by the Clean Buildings Team at the Department of Commerce.

CBPS consists of ASHRAE Standard 100-2018 and state amendments WAC194-50, visit the Clean Buildings homepage to download the integrated document. The integrated document is the reference used to meet compliance; however, the Clean Buildings Team drafted guides and tools to facilitate accurate interpretation of the CBPS. Find active guidance documents, flow charts and tools in the table below. If you have questions, please email

Document #TypeTitlePublish dateKey Words
001Guidance Document Meeting the EUIt (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, meeting the energy use intensity target, EUIt
002Guidance DocumentCompliance through the Investment Criteria (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, investment criteria
003Guidance DocumentConditional Compliance (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, conditional compliance
004Guidance DocumentCompliance through exemption (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, compliance through exemption.
005Technical GuidanceHow to Determine the EUIt (PDF)9/13/2022energy use intensity target, EUIt, building activity type
006Technical GuidanceTechnical Guidance for K12 Campuses (PDF)9/13/2022K12 schools, energy use intensity target, EUIt
007Technical Guidance Owner Provided Energy Meters (Submeters) (PDF)9/13/2022submetering, submeter, owner provided meters
008Technical GuidanceMeasuring Gross Floor Area (PDF)9/13/2022gross Floor Area, measuring
009Fact SheetClean Building Expansion Fact Sheet (PDF)9/13/2022Clean Buildings Expansion, fact sheet, requirements, incentive program, timeline
010FlowchartCompliance Paths (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, flow chart
011FlowchartCompliance by meeting the EUIt (PDF)9/13/2022compliance, flowchart, energy use intensity target, EUIt
012FlowchartCompliance through the Investment Criteria with a Measurable EUI (PDF)9/13/2022investment criteria, measurable energy use intensity, EUI
013FlowchartCompliance through the Investment Criteria without a Measurable EUI (PDF)9/13/2022compliance, investment criteria, without measurable energy use intensity, EUI
014FlowchartConditional compliance (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, conditional compliance
015Compliance ToolPenalties Estimator (Excel)9/13/2022penalty, penalties estimator, calculator
016Compliance formsCompliance form locations and descriptions (PDF)9/13/2022compliance forms, Form A, Form B, Form C, Form D, Form F
017Guidance DocumentRoles and Responsibilities (PDF)9/13/2022roles, responsibilities, qualified person, energy auditor
018Compliance ToolEnergy Use Intensity Target (EUIt) Calculator (Excel)5/30/2023energy use intensity target, calculator, EUIt, building activity type
019Guidance DocumentEnergy Use Intensity Targets (Table 7-2a) (PDF)5/30/2023energy use intensity target, calculator, EUIt, building activity type, Table 7-2a
020Compliance FormInvestment Criteria Tool Form F (Excel)2/23/2023Investment Criteria Tool, Form F, Life Cycle Analysis Tool