Clean Buildings Performance Standard Document Library

The Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS) is administered by the Clean Buildings Team at the Department of Commerce.

CBPS consists of ASHRAE Standard 100-2018 and state amendments WAC 194-50. Fill out the request form to access the Clean Building Performance Standard (CBPS) integrated document (on Smartsheet). The integrated document is the reference used to meet compliance; however, the Clean Buildings Team drafted guides and tools to facilitate accurate interpretation of the CBPS.

Find active Tier 1 and Tier 2 guidance documents, flow charts, and tools in the table below. The Clean Buildings Team is in the process of updating guidance documents to reflect current rules (WAC 194-50). Guidance documents may be subject to change through future rulemaking. Check publish dates, as rules are revised.

Please use the Clean Buildings Customer Support Form to submit a question or request support.

Document #TypeTitlePublish dateKey Words
001Guidance Document Meeting the EUIt (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, meeting the energy use intensity target, EUIt
002Guidance DocumentCompliance through the Investment Criteria (PDF)6/12/2023compliance path, investment criteria
003Guidance DocumentConditional Compliance (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, conditional compliance
005Technical GuidanceHow to Determine the EUIt (PDF)9/13/2022energy use intensity target, EUIt, building activity type
006Technical GuidanceTechnical Guidance for K12 Campuses (PDF)9/13/2022K12 schools, energy use intensity target, EUIt
007Technical Guidance Owner Provided Energy Meters (Submeters) (PDF)9/13/2022submetering, submeter, owner provided meters
008Technical GuidanceMeasuring Gross Floor Area (PDF)9/13/2022gross Floor Area, measuring
009Fact SheetClean Building Expansion Fact Sheet (PDF)9/13/2022Clean Buildings Expansion, fact sheet, requirements, incentive program, timeline
010FlowchartCompliance Paths (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, flow chart
011FlowchartCompliance by meeting the EUIt (PDF)9/13/2022compliance, flowchart, energy use intensity target, EUIt
012FlowchartCompliance through the Investment Criteria with a Measurable EUI (PDF)9/13/2022investment criteria, measurable energy use intensity, EUI
013FlowchartCompliance through the Investment Criteria without a Measurable EUI (PDF)9/13/2022compliance, investment criteria, without measurable energy use intensity, EUI
014FlowchartConditional compliance (PDF)9/13/2022compliance path, conditional compliance
016Compliance formsCompliance form locations and descriptions (PDF)12/21/23compliance forms, Form A, Form B, Form C, Form D, Form F, Form H, O&M Reporting Tool, EMP Reporting Tool
017Guidance DocumentRoles and Responsibilities (PDF)3/24/24roles, responsibilities, qualified person, energy auditor
018Guidance DocumentEnergy Use Intensity Targets (Table 7-2a) (PDF)5/30/2023energy use intensity target, calculator, EUIt, building activity type, Table 7-2a
019Compliance ToolEnergy Use Intensity Target (EUIt) Calculator (Excel)5/30/2023energy use intensity target, calculator, EUIt, building activity type
020Compliance FormInvestment Criteria Tool Form F (Excel)3/25/24Investment Criteria Tool, Form F, Life Cycle Analysis Tool
021-AGuidance DocumentExemption: Lack of Occupancy Certificate (PDF)6/1/23Exemption, application, certificate of occupancy, Z4.1
021-BGuidance DocumentExemption: Unoccupied Buildings (PDF)6/5/2023Exemption, application unoccupied, Z4.1
021-CGuidance DocumentExemption: Conditioned Space Less than 50,000 Square Feet (PDF)6/5/2023Exemption, application, conditioned space, Z4.1
021-DGuidance DocumentExemption: Manufacturing or Other Industrial Purposes (PDF)6/5/2023Exemption, application, manufacturing, industrial purposes, Z4.1
021-EGuidance DocumentExemption: Agricultural Structures (PDF)6/5/2023Exemption, application, agricultural structures, Z4.1
021-FGuidance DocumentExemption: Pending Demolition (PDF)6/5/2023Exemption, application, pending demolition, Z4.1
021-GGuidance DocumentExemption: Financial Hardship (PDF)6/5/2023Property taxes arrears, lien sale list, court appointed, financial distress, financial institution, foreclosure, deed, default, senior mortgage, immediate, financial need
022Reporting ToolEnergy Management Plan Reporting Tool (PDF)7/3/2023Energy Management Plan Reporting Tool, EMP
023Reporting ToolOperations and Maintenance Reporting Tool (PDF)7/3/2023Operations and Maintenance Reporting Tool, O&M
024-AGuidance DocumentTier 1 Early Compliance Application- Meeting the EUIt12/13/2023Tier 1, Early Compliance Application, Meeting the EUIt, Forms
024-BGuidance DocumentTier 1 Early Compliance Application- Investment Criteria12/13/2023Tier 1, Early Compliance Application, Investment Criteria, Forms
025Guidance DocumentInitial Access to the Clean Buildings Portal03/11/2024Clean buildings portal, building owner, authorized representative, SAW Account, Tier 1, Tier2
026Guidance DocumentGranting Shared Access03/11/2024Clean buildings portal, Shared Access, Tier 1, Tier 2, building owner, authorized representative