Draft RDI Guidance – 30 day comment period!

Draft guidance posted. Open house webinar recording. You can see the guidance and other HB 1220 related documents on our HB 1220 webpage.

HB 1220 added new requirements for housing elements for fully planning jurisdictions. One of these requirements instructs local governments to review and identify housing policies and regulations that have resulted in racially disparate impacts, displacement and exclusion, and identify and implement policies to begin to undo these impacts. Jurisdictions must also identify areas that may be at a higher risk of displacement and develop anti-displacement policies to avoid these effects. These updates are to be completed within the next periodic update cycle.

Public comments are being received via email through October 19, 2022. Please send all feedback or questions to:

Laura Hodgson, Senior Planner
Cell: 360-764-3143

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