Capital Facilities Planning

Capital facilities plans can help your jurisdiction use its limited funding wisely and most efficiently to maximize your funding opportunities. By planning ahead to determine what your needs are, you can prioritize projects, coordinate related projects, and apply successfully for loan and grant opportunities.

What does a capital facilities plan include?

  • An inventory of existing capital facilities owned by public entities, showing the locations and capacities of the capital facilities;
  • A forecast of the future needs for such capital facilities;
  • The proposed locations and capacities of expanded or new capital facilities;
  • At least a six-year plan that will finance such capital facilities within projected funding capacities and clearly identifies sources of public money for such purposes;
  • A requirement to reassess the land use element if probable funding falls short of meeting existing needs and to ensure that the land use element, capital facilities plan element, and financing plan within the capital facilities plan element are coordinated and consistent. Park and recreation facilities shall be included in the capital facilities plan element.