Communities Get Ready for Electric Vehicles

Washington governments are working to become Plug-in Electric Vehicle ready by planning and building a charging infrastructure. Cities and counties are leading the way by investing in electric vehicle infrastructure and are adding electric vehicles to their vehicle mix.

Washington's Electric Highways

Along the west coast we are building an electric highway system. It provides places to charge plug-in vehicles, allowing longer-range trips. In Washington state, DC fast and Level 2 “medium speed” charging equipment have been installed along Interstate 5, eastward along Interstate 90, and US Highway 2. Drivers of plug-in electric vehicles are able to travel seamlessly from British Columbia to Oregon, and from the Puget Sound Region to North-Central Washington. Washington’s I-5 electric highway links up with efforts in Oregon and California making an all-electric trip from Canada to Mexico possible.

For the latest on charging station development, visit the West Coast Green Highway website.

Community Guidance

State law requires cities and counties to review development regulations to ensure they have a mechanism to allow electric vehicle charging stations.

National Guidance

 The PEV Dialogue Group is made up of national labs, state and local governments, utilities, vehicle and battery manufactures, non-governmental organizations, and PEV advocates. The group has created a national Action Plan that identifies consensus approaches to accelerate PEV deployment nationwide. They coordinate activities to address these challenges:

  • Making sure PEV owners can conveniently plug in at home and on the road.
  • Safeguarding the reliability of America’s electrical grid; and informing car buyers about PEVs.