Biofuel laboratory


The use of biofuels offer a change from importing petroleum to our state. Increasing local resources, production and use can move us to a better future.  Our biofuel industries creates new jobs, markets, businesses and technologies. This is identified as a main part of a climate change plan for our state. We are investing in bioenergy research, legislation, incentives and public-private partnerships.

Electric Vehicles

We are seeing more plug-in electric vehicles on the roads, and charging stations at public and private facilities around the state. Using renewables to power electric vehicles increase the effectiveness of our energy system, reduces use of imported fuels, and reduces our carbon footprint.

The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Task Force (PDF) was created to build an environment for markets to develop, strengthen our economy and improve our environment.

Petroleum Resources and Pricing

One of the most common requests we get is for information about our petroleum supply and what is behind prices and price volatility. We update the petroleum whitepaper every few years in order to provide accurate answers to those questions.

2013 Petroleum Whitepaper, Petroleum Supply and Use in Washington State (PDF)