Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles continue to make inroads in reducing our dependence on traditional fuel sources and reducing our carbon footprint in Washington State.

Electric vehicle charging at wind turbine

Transportation is Washington State’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and it emits other major pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.  The continued progress of electric vehicle (EV) technology, coupled with the state’s abundance of economical, zero-emission electricity, provides an opportunity to reduce transportation emissions through electrification.  Plus, electrifying transportation increases the efficiency of our electricity grid, keeps more money in-state, lowers driving costs, and spurs local innovation and business development.

Washington State has a goal of registering 50,000 plug-in electric vehicles by 2020. Government agencies are taking the lead through the Electric Fleets Initiative and Executive Order 18-01 on State Efficiency and Environmental Performance. The Department of Commerce engages a broad range of stakeholders to develop policies and tools to usher in this new era of more sustainable transportation.

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Steven Hershkowitz
Senior Policy Specialist – Transportation Electrification
Email: Steven.Hershkowitz@Commerce.wa.gov
Phone: 360-688-4006