Interagency Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council

Charging modern electric cars from station outdoors

In March 2022, the Washington Legislature passed and Governor Inslee signed the 16-year, $17 billion Move Ahead Washington transportation package, which has six times the amount of funding for climate and clean transportation investments than its 2015 predecessor. The legislation (ESSB 5974) created a new Interagency Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council (IEVCC) so state agencies can better collaborate on efforts to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and reduce transportation-sector greenhouse gas emissions.

IEVCC responsibilities

The IEVCC is co-led by the Departments of Commerce and Transportation, who are joined by the State Efficiency and Environmental Performance Office, Office of Financial Management, Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction, Utilities and Transportation Commission, and the Departments of Agriculture, Ecology, Enterprise Services, and Health.

As members of the IEVCC, the agencies will:

  • Develop a statewide transportation electrification strategy
  • Analyze how to reach the state’s target of 100% electric passenger and light-duty vehicle sales starting in model year 2030
  • Identify and coordinate all state and federal electric vehicle-related funding
  • Engage with local governments, communities, and the Environmental Justice Council to ensure the statewide transportation electrification strategy, grant distribution, programs, and activities associated with advancing transportation electrification benefit vulnerable and overburdened communities

Watch IEVCC meetings

The first IEVCC meeting will be virtual and is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to noon on Thursday, July 21. The agencies will discuss how to set up the Council’s work and governance structure. They are also expected to discuss and approve the state’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) plan (more on this below). An agenda will be posted on this page in advance of the meeting.

July 21 meeting materials

The next IEVCC meeting is expected to take place in mid-September. A public notice will be sent out when it is scheduled.

Washington’s NEVI plan

One of the IEVCC’s first responsibilities is to direct the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to submit the state’s NEVI plan to the federal government for approval. NEVI is a federal program created in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that will fund electric vehicle charging stations every 50 miles along major highway corridors. Washington is expected to receive more than $70 million in the next five years.

States are required to submit implementation plans to the Federal Highway Administration by Aug. 1, 2022. States can only receive funding once plans are federally approved.

IEVCC will vote on the state NEVI implementation plan at its July 21 meeting to comply with federal deadlines. Public review of the draft plan was completed on July 15. Comments submitted to WSDOT will be reviewed by IEVCC members prior to the meeting. More information is available on WSDOT’s NEVI webpage.