Homeless Management Information System

State and federally-funded homeless and housing service providers use HMIS to collect and manage data gathered while providing housing assistance to people already experiencing homelessness and households at risk of losing their housing.

HMIS Training Requirements

Our Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) trainings are intended for staff working for agencies already set up with HMIS access through the Department of Commerce. Before registering for training, please read the HMIS Training & Approval instructions (PDF).

To apply for HMIS Training access, fill out our HMIS Training & Account Request application. Please read our HMIS Training & Approval instructions before filling it out. You will need to provide the agencies and counties you will use HMIS for, the names of approvers (ex. supervisor), and know what project types you will enter data for in HMIS. You can look up your agency programs using our Agency Look Up Dashboard. If your agency has not yet applied to use HMIS and doesn’t already have HMIS access, please contaenter a Help Desk Ticket to find out how your agency can apply for HMIS access.

Please review the HMIS Training FAQ (PDF) before registering for HMIS training. 

HMIS Resources

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Data Standards:

HUD manuals to assist HMIS Lead Agencies and Continuums of Care (CoCs) in correctly setting up projects in HMIS can be found on each of these HUD web pages:

Explanation of Commerce’s partnership with the Department of Social and Health Services (PDF)

Statewide HMIS data is used to produce several reports and publications using aggregated (containing no identifying client information) data. HMIS data is cross-match with DSHS and other state agency data through DSHS RDA. HMIS client data is not to be used for any other purpose except research and aggregate reporting. 

Search for relevant DSHS RDA reports on the FFA Research and Data Analysis page. Tip: search for the subject “Homelessness.”

DSHS-HMIS Analysis of Matched Data Published Reports:

Program Links


Need HMIS help? Submit your HMIS help requests using the Help Desk Ticket Form.


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