Note: Commerce does not provide direct rent or utility assistance to individuals. Please contact your local Tenant Based Rental Assistance (Known as TBRA) provider for help.
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The TBRA program is not available in King, Clark, Spokane, Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston and Snohomish counties. However those counties may have another program available.

The Tenant Based Rental Assistance program (TBRA) provides homeless and low-income households with security and utility deposits and rent assistance. Eligible households must have incomes that do not exceed 50 percent of the median household income for their area, according to the published income limits by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
Eligible households may receive the deposits necessary to get them into a unit, or a combination of deposits and rental subsidies that enable them to pay no more than 30 percent of their household income for rent and utilities. The tenant rent share increases as the tenant income increases.

TBRA Program Guidelines (PDF)

Fair Market Rent (website)

Service Delivery

Rental and deposit assistance is delivered through housing authorities, community action agencies, and local governments that collaborate with other local service providers to provide a wide variety of support services.

Consolidated Plan, Action Plan, and Performance Evaluation Report

Enabling Legislation and Related Rules

HUD Forms for TBRA Grantees

HUD’s TBRA website has forms and other useful information for operating a TBRA program.

Need Help?

If you or someone you know needs assistance, you can find help using this list of Washington State Homeless Adult & Family Coordinated Entry Sites (PDF) or 211 Washington Information Network (web).


Contact Information

Commerce does not provide services directly to people who are at risk for or experiencing homelessness. Please refer to the “Need Help?” links above if you need individual assistance.

Matt Mazur-Hart
Commerce TBRA Program Manager
Phone: 360-725-2926