Public Works Board provides $2.4 million for emergency construction; paves way for more local infrastructure projects this summer

Washington Public Works Board emergency construction funds will repair two projects in Okanogan County, one in Grant County

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington State Public Works Board (PWB) took action at its March 15 meeting to award $2.4 million in emergency construction funds to support critical infrastructure replacements in Grant and Okanogan counties. Each local project received funding divided equally in the form of a grant and a 0.86% low-interest loan.

  • City of Omak – $1 million to replace a sewer line that runs across the Okanogan River. The city received $500,000 as a low-interest loan and $500,000 in grants.
  • Town of Winthrop – $425,000 for the SR20 Methow River Bridge water main replacement project. (pictured) The project was spurred by an unanticipated freeze last January that resulted in a broken air release valve for the aging system. The town’s award includes $212,500 as a low-interest loan and $212,500 in grants.
  • Electric City received $999,680 to rehabilitate a deteriorating sewer main along Banks Lake Reservoir. The city’s award includes $499,840 as a low-interest loan and $499,840 in grants.
Image of damaged Winthrop Bridge

An air release valve in the aging water main on the north side of the SR20 bridge across the Methow River in Winthrop was damaged during an unexpected freeze last January. The Public Works Board approved an emergency construction low-interest loan and grant to the Town of Winthrop to help with repairs.

“Infrastructure is fundamental and the foundation of healthy, safe, and vibrant communities, and the Board is pleased to be able to fund these emergency needs quickly,” said PWB Chair Kathryn Gardow. “The Washington State Public Works Board is delighted to work with our communities and partnering agencies to be a reliable and affordable source of funding and technical assistance to maintain the health of our state’s infrastructure systems.”

More funding authorized for projects this summer

In addition to the emergency funding allocated for these specific projects, the Board took action to increase the funding available by an additional $7.3 million each for local emergency construction and pre-construction projects. These resources are continuously available until exhausted, with review of pre-construction awards on a quarterly basis.

The board also approved $148 million in construction funding for fiscal year 2025. Applications for that funding cycle are set to open April 8, 2024 and to remain open until June 28, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

The Washington State Public Works Board was created by the Legislature in 1985. Since its creation, the 13 member board has provided more than $3.1 billion to over 2,000 infrastructure projects across the state. The purpose of the board is to encourage self-reliance by local governments in meeting their public works needs and to assist in the financing of critical public works projects by making loans, grants, financing guarantees, and technical assistance available to local governments for these projects. For more information on Public Works Board programs and funding opportunities, visit


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