Office of Homeless Youth Committees and Workgroup

Homeless youth on street

The Office of Homeless Youth works with various stakeholders across the state to address youth homelessness. The work group and committee listed encompass agencies and key stakeholders that are charged to reduce and end youth homelessness. 

Interagency Work Group on Youth Homelessness​

Gov. Inslee established the Interagency Work Group on Youth Homelessness (IAWG) with directive 17-01, signed on Jan. 24, 2017. The workgroup convenes state agency partners to develop shared goals, outcomes, and action plans to prevent and design system response to youth homelessness in Washington.

  • Kim Justice, Office of Homeless Youth
  • Sherrie Flores, Children’s Administration/DSHS
  • Cristi Devers, Juvenile Rehabilitation/DSHS
  • Vazaskia Crockrell, Office of Juvenile Justice/DSHS
  • David Stillman and Theresa Slusher, Economic Services Administration/DSHS
  • Diana Cockrell, Division of Behavior Health and Recovery/DSHS
  • Colette Jones, Health Care AuthorityMarie Bruin, Employment Security Department
  • Patrick Woods, Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board
  • Troy Goracke, State Board of Community and Technical Colleges
  • Rachel Sharpe and Becky Thompson, Student Achievement Council
  • Carri Gordon, Washington State Patrol
  • Ed Prince, Commission on African American Affairs
  • Lisa van der Lugt, Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • Vacant, Commission on Indian Affairs
  • Nam Nguyen, Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs
  • Jess Lewis, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • George Yeannakis, Office of Public Defense
  • Dr. Carl McCurley, Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Jim Mayfield, Research and Data Analysis/DSHS
  • TBD, Department of Children, Youth and Families

Advisory Committee

The work of the office is guided by a 12-member advisory committee composed of advocates, legislators, law enforcement, service providers, and other stakeholders. Except for legislative members, advisory committee members are appointed by the Governor.

  • Vicky Baker, Yakima Valley Conference of Governments
  • Rep. Lisa Callan (D) – 5th Legislative District
  • Sergeant Ritchie Fowler, Yakima Police Department
  • Rep. Greg Gilday (R) – 10th Legislative District
  • Erica Limon, Y Social Impact Center
  • Sen. Joe Nguyen (D) – 34th Legislative District
  • Rodney Robinson, Campaign to Prevent and End YYA Homelessness in Pierce County
  • Lynsey Romero, youth advisory board  member, Spokane
  • Gage Spicer, youth advisory board chair, Spokane
  • Jim Theofelis, NorthStar Advocates
  • Viola Ware, REdisCOVERY at Olympia Peninsula Community Clinic

Do You Need Help?

If you or someone you know needs assistance, you can find help by using the 211 Washington Information Network.

If you are a young person who is thinking about running away or already has, you can talk to someone confidentially at the National Runaway Safeline: 1-800-RUNAWAY or 1-800-786-2929

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Office of Homeless Youth Staff

Executive Director

Kim Justice (she/her)
Phone: 360-725-5055

Deputy Director

Chanita Jackson (she/her)
Phone: 360-725-2997

Statewide Initiatives Manager

Riannon Bardsley (she/her)
Phone: 360-515-8060

Systems Change Manager

Matt Davis (he/him)

Program Director

Christopher Hanson (he/him)

Best Practices Manager

Karen Danz (she/her)

Program Managers

Gina Thompson (she/her)

iLeana Areiza (she/her)