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El Nuevo Camino Pilot Project Funding Opportunity

Firms interested in participating in creation of the El Nuevo Camino pilot project to address serious youth gang problems in a county of east of the cascade mountain range with an estimated county population between ninety thousand and one hundred thousand as of January 1, 2017 should apply for this funding opportunity.

The project should Implement the Comprehensive Gang Model of the federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act in order to reduce youth gang crime and violence; increase mental health services to unserved and underserved youth by implementing the Best Practices Youth Mental Health Model of the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice; and work to keep high-risk youth in school, reenroll dropouts, and improve academic performance and behavior by engaging in a grassroots team approach in schools with the most serious youth violence and mental health problems.

Submit questions to the RFP Coordinator, Mary Baldwin via email at mary.baldwin@commerce.wa.gov

Download application materials here.

Services*Training*Officers*Prosecutors (STOP) Formula Grant

OCVA's Violence Against Women Program has issued a competitive application to support efforts to develop and strengthen services and effective strategies in response to the crime of sexual assault against adults or youth, age 11 and older, in Washington State.

Sexual assault projects will be funded through the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women's Services*Training*Officers*Prosecutors (STOP) Formula Grant Program, which is authorized by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Eligible applicants include community-based and tribal victim service programs, as well as city, county, or Tribal prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. Campus police departments are also authorized to apply.

Please review the application documents for program and application guidelines, including conditions for complying with the requirements of VAWA.

Submit questions to the Application Coordinator via email at anita.granbois@commerce.wa.gov.

Download application materials here.

Culturally and Community Specific Services Initiative

OCVA's VOCA 2015-2019 State Plan set aside funding specifically for programs operated by and for historically marginalized populations. The intent is to provide victim service funding to organizations with a primary mission and history of service to specific communities or cultures.

Eligible applicants must have a primary mission and history of being operated by and for a historically marginalized population and engaging a historically underserved community. Native American Tribes and tribal organizations are also eligible.

Application Due Date: August 18, 2017

Download the application documents here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Download the FAQ here. 

All questions received by the application coordinator, including those that were discussed at the June 20 teleconference, have been documented and are available in the FAQ. This document will be updated weekly as additional questions are received. The last update to the FAQ document will be on August 1, 2017.

Application Revision:

A revision to this application was made on June 23, 2017. Revisions were exclusively to Appendix C: Combined Service Standards and Definitions.

Training Bank Grant Program

Eligible applicants must be current recipients of the specific grants, contracts, and agreements outlined in the application. This funding is to support training costs for direct service staff who provide advocacy and other direct services, and for their supervisors for trainings related to the provision of advocacy and direct services and the supervision of direct-service staff.

New applications will be accepted through March 31, 2018.
Please allow a minimum of four weeks before an anticipated training event to process your application.

Download the application materials here.

Language Bank Grant Program

Eligible applicants must be current recipients of the specific grants, contracts, and agreements outlined in the application. This funding is to support the cost of interpretation and translation services necessary to provide advocacy or other direct services and outreach activities to individuals who have been hurt or harmed. Costs related to interpretation or translation services with the primary purpose to support communication between a client and the criminal or civil legal system are not eligible.

New applications will be accepted through March 31, 2018. Please allow a minimum of four weeks before an anticipated training event to process your application.

Download the application documents here.

Important Notice

Some grantees have recently experienced a scam regarding renewal of a DUNS number. Your agency may receive an email, regular mail or telephone notice stating that it is time to renew your DUNS number.

The fraudulent link is https://getregistrations.com/getstarted and the telephone numbers are 1-844-392-8983 (internationally) 001-727-312-3123.

The fraudulent website appears to look like an official website and already has possession of the subgrantee's CAGE number, DUNS number and agency name and address. Once an individual enters the website they are asked to submit money for the renewal cost.

There is never a cost to obtain or annually renew a DUNS number.

Only use the website links and telephone numbers listed below to obtain or renew a DUNS number, or ask questions regarding your DUNS number.

The website listed below is the Dun & Bradstreet Request Service.


Voice Phone: 866-705-5711
TTY Line: 877-807-1679 (Hearing Impaired Customers)

The website listed below is the grants.gov website. http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/applicants/organization-registration/step-1-obtain-duns-number.html


The website and telephone number listed below is for SAM.gov.



If your agency is contacted by a source other than the agencies listed above, or asked to submit money, please report the website and/or telephone number to your State Grantee Agency and Attorney General's Office.

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