Interbay Public Development Advisory Board Committee

In 2018, under enacted SSB 6095, Section 1004 (10), the Department of Commerce was tasked by the Legislature to explore potential future uses of the Interbay Property located in Seattle’s Ballard-Interbay manufacturing industrial center that was being used as a readiness center by the Washington National Guard (Guard).

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The Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee's Recommendations and Implementation Plan

The Governor and Legislature appointed members of the Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee to advise and help identify potential future uses of the state-owned site. Assuming the Guard is able to relocate, the Advisory Committee will help guide the redevelopment process with the goal of recommending a use that maximizes public benefit.

The Committee met over the course of a year to examine the conditions required for the National Guard to relocate and examined in detail many different redevelopment concepts for the property once they have completely relocated.  The Committee considered a wide range of redevelopment uses and made recommendations regarding implementation strategies for the future.

The report and all of the supporting technical appendices are provided here for public review.

The Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee’s Recommendations and Implementation Plan

Technical Appendices

Appendix A: Senate Bill 6095.1004 (10)
Appendix B: Location Map
Appendix C: Property Map
Appendix D: Guiding Principles
Appendix E: Project Timeline
Appendix F: Advisory Committee Communications Report
Appendix G: Military Relocation Report
Appendix H: Existing Conditions Summary Table
Appendix I: Current Use of the Property
Appendix J: Adjoining Land Uses Map
Appendix K: Land Use and Regulatory Existing Conditions
Appendix L: Real Estate Market Existing Conditions
Appendix M: Transportation Existing Conditions
Appendix N: Infrastructure Existing Conditions
Appendix O: Geotechnical Existing Conditions
Appendix P: Cultural Resources Report
Appendix Q: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Appendix R: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
Appendix S: Opportunities and Constraints Map
Appendix T: Evaluation of Ownership Options
Appendix U: Evaluation of Redevelopment Concepts
Appendix V: Industrial with Residential Development Case Studies
Appendix W: Redevelopment Concepts
Appendix X: Redevelopment Concepts Assumptions
Appendix Y: Financial Evaluation
Appendix Z: Infrastructure Cost Evaluation
Appendix AA: Structural Cost Evaluation
Appendix BB: Economic Impacts
Appendix CC: Transportation Impacts
Appendix DD: Tradeoff Summary Table
Appendix EE: Committee Member Correspondence

Where is the National Guard currently located and why do they need to relocate their operations?

The current armory site for the Washington National Guard was built in 1974 and today the facility is insufficient and does not meet current National Guard Readiness Center requirements for mission support. More than 600 personnel are based at the site with weekend mobilization requiring the deployment of large military equipment into and out of the city.  Furthermore, most guardsmen and guardswomen stationed at the site reside farther outside the city, making transportation and congestion issues an increasing concern.

What are the Next Steps?

The Department of Commerce is honored to have been asked to convene the Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee. The recommendations put forth in our November 2019 report to the legislature reflect the committee’s work based on a wide array of meetings, community events, and discussions with experts, community members, and interested parties.  

At this point, Commerce’s role in this legislative request is concluded. Any further questions should be directed to the state legislature.

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Who Served on the Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee?

  • Representative Gael Tarleton, Washington State House of Representatives
  • Senator David Frockt, Washington State Senate
  • The Honorable Gary Locke, former Washington State Governor, former US Secretary of Commerce, former US Ambassador to China
  • Brian Lloyd, Vice President, Beacon Development
  • Doris Koo, Community Development and Affordable Housing Expert
  • Colonel Adam Iwaszuk, Construction Facilities Management Officer, Washington Army National Guard
  • Commissioner Courtney Gregoire, Port of Seattle Commission

For more information regarding the report contact the state legislature.

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