Research and Project Management

The Research Services Team provides research and project management assistance to teams within the Washington State Department of Commerce as well as other state and local agencies. The team holds a wide range of policy review, stakeholder engagement, data analysis, project development, and research expertise.

Project Highlights

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Planning and Predesign Capital Equity Program
The Planning and Predesign Capital Equity Program (PPCEP) funds planning and predesign activities for capital projects. Commerce has many programs that fund the construction of capital projects and capital projects require planning and predesign activities prior to any award being made. Planning and predesign activities are often a barrier for…
Employee Compensation Report
School directors’ compensation study (PDF)
The legislature tasked the Dept of Commerce through Section 129(169) of Senate Bill 5693, Laws of 2022, to determine what changes in statute or practice would be necessary to align provisions governing school director compensation with those governing the compensation of other elected officials with comparable duties and responsibilities.
Increasing access to forensic nurse examiner training (PDF)
A forensic nurse examiner (FNE) is a Registered or Advanced Practice Nurse with specialty training to provide specialized care to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and/or nonfatal strangulation. The Legislature’s 2021 bill to support victims of nonfatal strangulation (Chapter 269, Laws of 2021 (SSB 5183), Section 3 (3)) directed…
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Community Reinvestment Account Plan Development
The Department of Commerce, in partnership with the Office of Equity and community partners, is responsible for building a plan by July 2023 to describe how funds will be invested to address racial, economic, and social disparities in communities across the state created by the historical design and enforcement of…
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Hanford Healthy Energy Workers – Healthcare Needs Assessment and Recommendations
To address requirements as detailed in the 2020 ESSB 6168.127(83), the Washington State Department of Commerce convened the Hanford Healthy Energy Workers Board and provided its final report to the legislature regarding health care needs for workers at Hanford. What did the Hanford Healthy Energy Workers Board accomplish? The Hanford…