Courthouse Dogs – an update

The statewide facility and courthouse dog family is growing! We are pleased that VOCA Child Advocacy Center Initiative funding supports these trained canines who provide compassionate support to child and adult victims and witnesses.

This post is an update to a blog post we published in January 2020 about courthouse dogs and the work they do. Not only is it fun to look at pictures of dogs, but OCVA helps fund services provided by Courthouse Facility Dogs.

Courthouse Dogs

Daze joined Astro at Monarch Children’s Justice and Advocacy Center April 2021

The adorable picture below is of Daze supporting Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.

Courthouse Dogs - Daze

Daze and Astro

Yakima Courthouse Dog

Yakima Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Child Advocacy Center is welcoming a new team member- Diamond.  He is a handsome, good boi doggo.

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