CEF Project Highlight – OPALCO Decatur Island Microgrid

OPALCO’s Battery Storage Project was funded in part by a $1 million Grid Modernization grant from Commerce’s Clean Energy Fund (CEF).

The microgrid OPALCO built on Decatur Island includes a battery storage project paired with a Community Solar Array. The battery storage project is a one-megawatt, 2.6 MWh large-scale battery that can operate independently from the grid and power approximately 500 homes for up to 4 hours.

The goals of the project are to enhance safety, reduce operating costs (through efficiencies and peak shaving), and improve the reliability of the current infrastructure while speeding the transition to locally produced renewable energy. OPALCO’s storage system improves the output of the Decatur Island Community Solar project.

Watch a video tour of the Decatur Island Microgrid project below.

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