Results Commerce

Results Washington is Governor Inslee’s data-driven performance management and continuous improvement system. Results Commerce and Results Washington combine the best aspects of previous performance management and performance budgeting efforts such as GMAP (Government Management Accountability and Performance) and POG (Priorities of Government) with a significantly expanded Lean initiative that will involve all state agencies.

Accountability and Performance

Commerce uses an outcomes-based management system called Results Commerce. Results Commerce focuses on the key elements of what our customers and communities’ value. Results Commerce aligns with Results Washington’s data-driven approach to continuous improvement and achieving results. Results Commerce continually expands and improves to ensure we deliver our core purpose of strengthening communities by:

  • Providing a consistent and comprehensive framework for managing performance.
  • Bringing focus to our purpose of strengthening communities and our priorities.
  • Driving better performance and results through measurement.

Goals of an outcomes-based approach to strengthening communities include:

  • Focusing on what communities need.
  • Improving service to communities by leveraging the diversity of our programs.
  • Supporting our values of creativity, collaboration and trust, encouraging creativity and collaboration
    across the agency.
  • Measuring performance for data-informed decisions.
  • Connecting the work of all Commerce staff to Results Washington and agency goals and outcomes.

The Results Commerce goals complement Commerce’s core purpose to strengthen communities. Commerce touches every aspect of community and economic development: planning, infrastructure, energy, public facilities, housing, public safety, crime victims, international trade, and business services. We work with local governments, businesses and civic leaders throughout the state to strengthen communities so all residents may thrive and prosper. This management approach drives clear direction through goals and outcomes, strategic selection of priorities, and constant performance improvement, making it essential to measure progress and make data-driven decisions.

Performance Updates