State Public Works Board approves first loans in five years for communities in need

$6 million in pre-construction loans awarded to 12 Washington communities

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington State Public Works Board approved 12 cities and counties for approximately $6 million in pre-construction loans for 2018. This is the first time in five years the board has had funding from the state Legislature to issue loans.

The Board selected 12 out of 15 projects from applications requesting over $7.5 million. These projects will improve water, sanitary sewer, roads, and street systems in rural communities throughout the state.

“We’ve been waiting a long time to provide local governments the assistance they need to serve the people living in their communities,” said Public Works Board Chair Scott Hutsell.

On Friday April 13, the Board approved the following loans:

2018 Washington State Public Works Board Pre-Construction Loan List:

  • City of Castle Rock – $40,000 for roads/streets improvements
  • Town of Cathlamet – $55,000 for water system improvements
  • City of East Wenatchee – $750,000 for roads/street improvements
  • City of Granite Falls – $500,000 for sanitary sewer improvements
  • Kitsap County – $727,000 for sanitary sewer improvements
  • City of Long Beach – $572,000 for sanitary sewer improvements
  • City of Okanogan – $65,000 for water system improvements
  • City of Othello – $182,000 for roads/street improvements
  • City of Quincy – $1 million  for sanitary sewer improvements
  • City of Rock Island – $80,000 for sanitary sewer improvements
  • City of Sequim – $1 million for roads/streets improvements
  • City of Yelm – $1 million for sanitary sewer improvements

“State investments in public infrastructure are the foundation for strengthening rural communities where the burden of funding these projects can be a huge obstacle to economic vitality,” said Commerce Director Brian Bonlender.

The 2018 Legislature authorized a total of $14 million for these loans that assist local governments. The next funding cycle for the remaining $8 million opens mid-April, with applications due in July 2018. The Legislature also provided $5 million in emergency loans which is a continuous application process until the funds are exhausted.

The mission of the Public Works Board is to provide financial and technical assistance to Washington communities for critical public health, safety, and environmental infrastructure that supports community and economic vitality. The Board is comprised of 13 board members, appointed by the Governor for four-year terms. Three represent counties, three represent cities, three represent special purpose districts, and four are from the private sector. For more information, visit

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