Treasury Rent Assistance Program (T-RAP)

The Treasury Rent Assistance Program (T-RAP) is the federal and Washington state governments’ response to the emerging need for rental assistance due to the pandemic.

Program Documents


Click here for T-RAP Guidelines, Forms and Q&A



Feb. 11 PowerPoint (PDF)
Feb. 18 PowerPoint (PDF)
Feb. 25 PowerPoint (PDF)
March 4 PowerPoint (PDF)
March 18 PowerPoint (PDF)
March 25 PowerPoint (PDF)
April 15 PowerPoint (PDF)
May 6 PowerPoint (PDF)
May 6 Webinar link
Webinar password: =87hTn&E
May 20 PowerPoint (PDF)
May 20 Webinar Link
Webinar password: !W3x.bfT
June 10 Webinar Link
Webinar password: 6j&RhVdF
June 23 PowerPoint (PDF)
June 23 Webinar
Webinar password: T9K7JU@f
July 8 PowerPoint (PDF)
July 8 Webinar
Webinar Password: !
September 9 PowerPoint (PDF)
September 9 Webinar
Webinar Password: 3$Qzt#iK


COVID-19 Information: 

Due to high claim volume in each program, claim responses may be delayed several days and payments may not be received for multiple months. Claims are paid in order received, then approved. The approval email is your guarantee of payment. Please be sure to add emails from to your safe sender list.

As of October 27, 2020, Cole and Associates' training accreditations have been suspended. Training certificates issued by Cole and Associates for either abatement or Renovation, Repair and Painting can not be honored by Commerce until further notice. Please contact Cynthia Sanderson at 360-725-2941 or for questions regarding this matter.