General Purpose Grants

2024 CDBG General Purpose Grant Application- NOW OPEN

CDBG General Purpose grants are open on an ongoing basis, as funds are available, to assist eligible Washington State small cities, towns, and counties in carrying out community development projects that principally benefit low-and moderate-income persons. The Washington State CDBG Program is funded by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Examples of eligible General Purpose grant activities include: 

  • Public facilities, such as water, wastewater, streets and sidewalks
  • Community facilities, such as community centers, fire stations, homeless shelters, and childcare facilities
  • Infrastructure in support of affordable housing and housing rehabilitation
  • Economic development such as microenterprise assistance

Are you eligible?

Only these Cities, Towns and Counties can apply. See also Eligible Project Tests.

Funding Availability

Commerce currently has $2 million available and anticipates an additional $11 million in fall 2024. Maximum grant award up to $2 million based on project type. CDBG General Purpose Grant- Program Overview. 

How to Apply

Applicants first submit the eligibility form (Smartsheet link below). After meeting CDBG program priorities and threshold requirements, applicants may be invited to complete a 2-part application. 

For an overview of our application process see: 2024 CDBG General Purpose Application Webinar Slides. 

Application Part 1- Eligibility and Readiness

Application Part 2 - Public Participation

CDBG Program Priorities:

  • Financial need- Prioritizing applicants who do not have viable access to other funds/resources.
  • Funding readiness- Prioritizing applicants who have secured all other funds. 
  • Funding efforts- Prioritizing applicants who have pursued other funding. 
  • Equity- Prioritizing communities who have not recently received CDBG funding and who do not have open CDBG contracts for similar activities.