Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund - Applications and Forms

Typical Brownfields loans range around $500,000 or more, pending funding availability.  As with any loan of this size, applying for them involves some paperwork.  We constantly work on streamlining our loan forms.  For instance, we offer this website that make these forms available online.

Before starting an application for a Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (BRLF) loan, please contact the Department of Ecology’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP).  They can help you determine if you need a loan.  Enrollment into VCP is a prerequisite for a BRLF loan.

Brownfields loans consist of several phases.  The process starts by determining site and borrower eligibility.  If the borrower meets the eligibility requirements, then other documents become necessary.  These documents include financial statements, balance sheets and redevelopment plans.

This website provides information and forms for BRLF loans.  If all the documents are properly prepared, then the loan application may be reviewed and processed within four to six months.

Before starting this process, please contact the Coalition Member in your area or Commerce’s Brownfields Program Manager.  Their contact information is listed at right.