State infrastructure programs invest to enhance local project readiness

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington State Public Works Board (PWB) and fellow Sync partners are proud to announce the release of the Introductory Guide to Value Planning.

In 2017, the Washington State Legislature directed the PWB to coordinate infrastructure system improvements with the departments of Health, Commerce and Ecology. This team is known as Sync, which collaboratively developed and tested the guide with support from more than 100 communities. This year, the Transportation Improvement Board and Washington State Department of Transportation joined Sync to deepen our collaboration.

“Value planning is a concept that connects projects and communities through inclusive public engagement,” said Scott Hutsell, PWB chair. “This guide will demonstrate how communities can integrate diverse perspectives to arrive at the most affordable and resilient project option. Communities have received nearly $3 billion from the PWB in our history, and the value planning guide is another way we can support them to develop high-impact projects.”

Communities gained momentum on their value planning education at the 2018 Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC) Conference and at PWB’s 2019 regional trainings. The guide was the basis for an interactive training that also grounded participants in the principles of asset management.

“Value planning helps decision makers listen and learn from their community and choose the best available alternative, which pays dividends when seeking support for the project,” said Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Supervisor Janet Cherry.

The guide is available on the PWB’s Sync webpage.


Connie Rivera, Program Director and Board Tribal Liaison, 360.725.3088

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