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State Efficiency and Environmental Performance (SEEP)

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Washington is committed to leading by example in the fight against global climate change. RCW 70A.45.050 directs state agencies to meet specific greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) limits, culminating in a 95% reduction below 2005 levels by 2050.

Recent changes to this statute will help link greenhouse gas emissions reporting to agency decision-making by requiring agencies to identify strategies to meet emissions limits and by highlighting priority actions to support reducing emissions from state government. SEEP works closely with the Department of Ecology to support strategy development, analyze GHG emissions data, and use performance metrics to achieve these limits.

RCW 70A.45.050 requires state agencies to report GHG emissions using an emissions calculator provided by the Department of Ecology and a GHG emissions reduction strategy template provided by SEEP.

Please use the following 2024 GHG Emission Strategy Worksheet to save your data prior to submitting the web form. Partial responses will not be saved in the web form, so we recommend copy/pasting from the worksheet included above, or from a Word document.

Please submit state agency GHG Emissions Reduction Strategies through the web form.

Instructions for completing these reporting requirements can be found on Ecology’s website for State Agency GHG Emissions Reporting.

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