Washington State Clean Buildings Performance Standard

The Clean Buildings Performance Standard consists of ASHRAE Standard 100-2018 and state amendments to ASHRAE Standard 100-2018, WAC194-50. Both documents must be used to understand the full scope of the Standard. This integrated document combines both and provides free of charge access to the full Clean Buildings Performance Standard.

Rulemaking to amend WAC 194-50 is from May-Dec 2023. Updated rules will be finalized by Dec 31, 2023. The Clean Buildings Performance Standard Integrated Document will be updated after the rules are codified.

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Commerce has purchased a license for distribution of the integrated ASHRAE Standard 100-2018 with Washington State Amendments, WAC 194-50 (Clean Buildings Performance Standard) for purposes of complying with the Standard in Washington state. The information collected in this form will allow Commerce to provide updates about the Standard to users who have downloaded the document and to understand document usage in the industry. All information collected may be subject to public disclosure, pursuant to Ch. 42.56 RCW.