Vashon Bioenergy Farm Ribbon Cutting and Tour

The Farm’s Ribbon Cutting and Tour is scheduled to be held on April 16.

Vashon Bioenergy Farm is a community-scale bioenergy system on Vashon Island. The project, through Impact Bioenergy, was funded under the Clean Energy Fund II for RD&D, Sustainable Energy Trust, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, and great partners on Vashon.

For every ton of “waste” that would otherwise have been long-haul exported, the NAUTILUS will generate upward of 25 gasoline gallon equivalents and 200 gallons of probiotic plant food. The system will “upcycle” up to 4 tons of commercial food “waste” per day from the Island Spring Organics tofu factory and potentially others. This is enough to fuel a fleet or provide heat & power for more than 40 homes, all while improving soil for small farmers.

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