Residential Building Stock Assessment II

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has published their second single family homes report. The objective is to characterize existing residential building stock in the Northwest region. Characterization includes regional differences, such as climate, building practices and fuel choices, plus home characteristics such as square footage, insulation level, heating, family size, income levels, lighting, appliances, water heating and more.

Key findings are:

  • LED adoption has soared to nearly a quarter of all bulbs in use.
  • Connected lighting and smart thermostat use has grown.
  • More homes are using gas equipment and appliances.
  • Electric heating and cooling equipment are more efficient.
  • More homes in the NW have mechanical cooling.
  • Fewer homes have game consoles and set top boxes.
  • Television technology has become more efficient.
  • Homes are tighter.
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