Recap: December 20, 2023 Energy Policy Stakeholder Briefing

Thank you to all who joined the WA Department of Commerce’s Energy Division on December 20, 2023 for our pre-session priority briefing! We had a jam-packed meeting with a total of over 400 stakeholders from various geographies and sectors across the state. Panelists from the Energy Division’s policy team presented on a wide range of our priorities heading into the 2024 legislative session including: clean transportation, community clean energy development and support, clean buildings and building materials, opportunities to leverage federal funding, green hydrogen and renewable fuels, consumer protections, and greenhouse gas reporting.

We received many questions during the briefing and appreciate the thoughtful engagement from participants. Please follow the link below to view the recording where you can watch the panelists answering most of the questions on-the-spot. We have also prepared written answers to some commonly asked questions that we did not get time to answer in the meeting, a link for which is provided below.

For all additional questions and inquiries please reach out to Nick Manning, legislative and rulemaking coordinator, at

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