Intent to Award Sole Source – Resource Recycling Systems

The Department of Commerce (Commerce) intends to award a sole source contract agreement to Resource Recycling Systems, Inc. The contract will be awarded on or about May 3, 2024, and will expire on December 31, 2024. The contract is $78,000 for the contract period. Commerce may extend this contract for up to two one-year terms based on funding availability and programmatic needs.

Sole Source Scope

This sole source contract with Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) will help support the work already underway with the Ecology to provide technical assistance and related support that will provide funding for four additional business and community projects participants to join in the six-month accelerator programming to meet the goals of the Center and its enabling statute.

Develop a Circular Accelerator Program for waste prevention, reuse, repair, recycling, and organics management projects for four teams selected into NextCycle. The Contractor will be responsible for developing and implementing a process to support the incubation of business plans for the four teams, whose projects may be available to receive funding through private or public investment. The accelerator will offer a series of workshops in business and technical planning support, networking opportunities, and pitch development. It will also include one on-one support for the teams guided by a work plan that is co-created between team and staff. The culminating pitch showcase will put these business and community projects in front of potential partners and investors.

Capability Statements should address the above scope and following state requirements, and for this program:

  • Business support, technical assistance, mentoring, networking, and access to funding pathways to help businesses in the circular economy grow and thrive.

The work on this contract will include:

  • Final Memo of Selected Teams-Progress Report
  • Accelerator Academy-Progress Report
  • Team Work Plans-Progress Report
  • Cohort Update-Progress Report
  • Draft Showcase Plan-Progress Report
  • Final Showcase Program and Run of Show-Progress Report
  • Showcase Event and Cohort Summary Report

All work should be able to work in tandem and support the with the work already being provided by RRS with Ecology for the current grant cycle for fiscal year 2025 and 2026 and support interagency agreement Commerce has with Ecology with an end date of December 31, 2024.

Offerors contemplating the above requirements are required to submit capability statements detailing their ability to meet the state’s requirements within five (5) business days of this announcement. In the absence of other qualified sources, it is the state’s intent to make a sole source award of the contract. Capability statements or questions must be sent to

See full document posted below.

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