$5 million available for the preservation of affordable multifamily housing

Funding is available for projects not in the housing trust fund portfolio and is at risk of losing affordability due to expiration of use restrictions

The Washington State Department of Commerce is committed to building communities by preserving affordable multifamily housing in our state.  Commerce is making $5 million in state funds to projects at risk of losing affordability as part of its ongoing mission.

These projects provide critical housing to some of Washington’s most vulnerable populations. Preservation of existing affordable housing is a critical part of the Multifamily Housing Unit’s vision to make conditions in our state for affordable housing residents the best in the nation, addressing the affordable housing crisis and reducing homelessness in permanent and sustainable ways.

To find out more details about the funds, eligible projects, and how to apply, review the Continuing Affordability NOFA #MHU-2023-05 and application materials on the Department of Commerce Box.

Applications are due to commerce by noon on January 3rd.

Questions or requests for additional information about this NOFA or the application materials must be submitted before December 19th to htfapp@commerce.wa.gov.  Please indicate in the subject line that the request pertains to the Continuing Affordability NOFA #MHU-2023-05.


You can always find the latest information on available funding for affordable housing on the Applying to the Housing Trust Fund page.

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