March 2024 Open Funding Opportunities for Electric Vehicles and Charging Equipment

US DOE – Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program

  • Qualifying Applicants– Manufacturers of advanced technology vehicles that achieve defined fuel economy targets, and manufacturers of components or materials that support eligible vehicles’ fuel economy performance.
  • Qualifying Projects– Must 1) manufacture eligible vehicles or components that are used in eligible vehicles, 2) build new facilities; reequip, modernize, or expand existing facilities; and/or for engineering integration performed in the US related to the manufacturing of eligible vehicles or components, 3) be located in the US, 4) provide reasonable prospect of repayment.
  • Total Funding Amount– $10 Billion
  • Application Due Date– Rolling applications

NREL – Clean Bus Planning Awards

  • Qualifying Applicants – State and local government entities providing bus service; private school fleets with and active contractual agreement to serve a public school district; nonprofit school transportation associations; tribes, tribal organizations, or tribally controlled schools responsible for the purchase of school buses or providing school bus service for a BIA funded school; direct or designated recipients of FTA grants, including state and local governmental authorities, and tribes.
  • Award Goals – Connect transit and school bus fleets with technical experts to support planning for bus electrification.
  • Assistance Provided – Existing fleet baseline analysis, vehicle electrification feasibility analysis, infrastructure assessment and optimization strategy, procurement and project staging, financial analysis, emissions modeling, stakeholder analysis, workforce considerations, and recommended next steps.
  • Application Due Date – Opened February 20, 2024, taking rolling applications.

WA State Dept. of Commerce – Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant

  • Qualifying Applicants– Smaller cities, counties or tribal governments that did not qualify for direct EECBG allocations from the federal government.
  • Qualifying Projects – Communities that work with consultants to develop plans and strategies for energy efficiency and conservation including zero-emission transportation and associated infrastructure. Energy audits that are conducted on commercial and residential buildings. Public education programs developed to build public awareness and energy saving actions.
  • Total Funding Amount – $2 Million
  • Application Due Date – April 1, 2024

US DOE and EERE – FY23 BIL Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling and Second Life Applications

  • Qualifying Applicants– Institutions of higher education, for-profit entities, nonprofit entities, state and local government entities, US territories, Indian Tribes, and a consortia of the entities described above.
  • Qualifying Projects– Projects for improving the economics of transportation, dismantling, and preprocessing of electric drive vehicle batteries. Projects for recycling of electric drive vehicle battery accessory components.
  • Total Funding Amount– $37 Million
  • Application Due Date– April 19, 2024 by 5:00PM ET

FTA – Low or No Emission and Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Competitive Programs FT 2024

  • Qualifying Applicants – Provides funds to designated recipients of FTA grants, including states, local governmental authorities, and Indian Tribes.
  • Qualifying Projects – For the purchase or lease of zero-emission and low-emission transit buses, including acquisition, construction, and leasing of required supporting facilities.
  • Total Funding Amount – $1.5 Billion
  • Application Due Date – April 25, 2024

US SCEP – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program

  • Qualifying Applicants – States, local governments, and Indian tribes.
  • Qualifying Projects – Reduce fossil fuel emissions in a manner that is environmentally sustainable and, to the maximum extent practicable, maximizes benefits for local and regional communities. Reduce the total energy use of the eligible entities. Improve energy efficiency in the transportation sector, the building sector, and other appropriate sectors. Build a clean and equitable energy economy that prioritizes disadvantaged communities and promotes equity and inclusion in workforce opportunities and deployment activities. Including programs for financing zero-emission transportation (and associated infrastructure)
  • Total Funding Amount – $430 Million
  • Application Due Date – April 30, 2024

US DOE and EERE – Fiscal Year 2024 VTO Technology Integration Funding Opportunity Announcement

  • Qualifying Applicants – Institutions of higher education, for-profit entities, nonprofit entities, and state and local government entities and federally recognized Indian Tribes.
  • Qualifying Projects – Clean Cities Outreach, Engagement, and Technical Assistance. Training on Zero Emission Vehicle and Infrastructure Technologies for Critical Emergency Response Workers. Clean Transportation Demonstration and Deployment.
  • Total Funding Amount – $15 Million
  • Application Due Date – April 30th, 2024 by 5:00PM ET

US EPA – CPRG Implementation Grants

  • Qualifying Applicants– Two competitive grants processes, 1) a general competition for applications from states, municipalities, tribes, tribal consortia, and territories; 2) a competition only for tribes, tribal consortia, and territories.
  • Qualifying Projects– Open to entities that received planning grants to develop Priority Climate Action Plans (PCAPs) under phase 1 of the CPRG program, as well as entities that did not directly receive a planning grant that are applying for funds to implement measures included in an applicable PCAP. Goals of the program include the reduction of GHG emissions via means such as expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure, or incentive programs to purchase zero-emission vehicles, amongst others.
  • Total Funding Amount– Individual grants anticipated funding between $2 Million and $500 Million. For the competition for tribes and territories individual grants anticipated funding between $1 Million and $25 Million
  • Application Due Date– May 1, 2024 by 11:59PM ET

US DOE and EERE – Platform Technologies for Transformative Battery Manufacturing

  • Qualifying Applicants – Institutions of higher education, for-profit entities, nonprofit entities, and state and local government entities and federally recognized Indian Tribes.
  • Qualifying Projects – Platforms for Next Generation Battery Manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing Platforms for Battery Production. Projects with a goal to achieve net-zero emissions understanding that batteries are critical for the electrification of the transportation sector.
  • Total Funding Amount – $15.7 Million
  • Application Due Date – May 7, 2024 by 5:00PM ET

US EPA – Clean Ports Program: Zero-Emission Technology Deployment Competition

  • Qualifying Applicants – Port authorities; state, local, or Tribal agencies that have jurisdiction over a port authority or port; air pollution control agencies; private entities that apply for a grant in a statutory partnership with an entity described above, and, own, operate, or use facilities, cargo handling equipment, transportation equipment, or related technology of a port
  • Qualifying Projects – To fund deployment of strategies and solutions that will help ports achieve zero-emission operations. This includes funding the purchase of Zero-Emission equipment, technologies, and related infrastructure directly serving a port, as well as funding support expenses related to deployment. Eligible project costs include the purchase and deployment of new eligible battery-electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, vessels, powertrains, and other mobile equipment that directly serve a port.
  • Total Funding Amount – $2.8 Billion
  • Application Due Date – May 28, 2024 by 11:59PM ET

US EPA – IRA Community Change Grants Program

  • Qualifying Applicants– Partnerships between two community-based non-profit organizations, and a partnership between a community-based non-profit organization and one of the following: a Federally-Recognized Tribe, a local government, or an institution of higher education.
  • Qualifying Projects– Investments in low- and zero-emission and resilient technologies and related infrastructure with a focus to benefit disadvantaged communities.
  • Total Funding Amount– $2 Billion
  • Application Due Date– November 21, 2024 by 11:59PM ET
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